Rovio’s next Angry Birds game is going to be a kart racer [Video]


In a newly released video, Rovio has announced that the next game in the Angry Birds series will not be of the usual “sling-shot the pigs on the other side of the screen” variety. Instead, Angry Birds Go will be a kart racer! According to Rovio, they experimented with a  number of game genres (including the popular runner genre) and decided to go with a racer.

I think this is a great choice. We have more than enough endless runner games on the market with Temple Run being the most popular, but nobody has quite become the de-facto kart racer. Rovio is an experienced developer now and their games are usually well-polished and more importantly, fun. So I’ll admit, I’m excited for Angry Birds Go. And I think you should be too.

[via Rovio]

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