2D version of Nintendo 3DS announced, is cheaper but still plays all 3DS and DS games

nintendo 2ds

There’s a new member to the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld game consoles, and it’s called the Nintendo 2DS. The 2DS allows for playing 3DS and DS games, however, gamers won’t have the option to play in 3D. The fact that Nintendo released a version of the 3DS without the 3D functionality is testament enough on how consumers are reacting to the feature.

The new device looks pretty decent, though its design is quite different from its predecessor. What we have here is a slate like design rather than the clam-shell design of the Nintendo 3DS. We would have preferred if Nintendo chose to stick with the clamshell design, which we believe serves as a really solid screen protector when the device is not in use.

“We’re always thinking about what we can do that’s new, unique, different, and brings more people into this category that we love,” says Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to IGN. “And so with the Nintendo 3DS, we were clear to parents that, ‘hey, we recommend that your children be seven and older to utilize this device.’ So clearly that creates an opportunity for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, that first-time handheld gaming consumer.”

Nintendo promises to have the 2DS go on sale for a cool $129.99 on October 12, that’s the same day the new Pokemon X and Y games go on sale. (Nintendo 3DS goes for $169.99.) Children and adults alike, who are fans of Pokemon, will be able to pick up the affordable 2DS console to play their favorite video game series. It’s a clever move by Nintendo, one that should see adoption of the 2DS kick off to a great start before the holidays.

[via IGN, image via Nintendo]

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