Citizens of Marseille, France are fed up with crime, ask Batman to protect the city


The citizens of Marseille, France had enough, and they want Batman to protect their city. With an increase in gang violence and politicians not doing anything about it, they are really frustrated and fed up. So, they have taken the issue to the next level and started a mock competition looking for the Caped Crusader to help them fight crimes.

Even though it is meant to be a joke, but the fact that thousands of people signed up for competition and ‘liked’ the Facebook page related to the matter just shows how desperate people are. The petition states that adding more police force is just like putting a band-aid on a non-healing wound.

Metro UK reports:

‘It’s always the same – when it suits them, politicians are suddenly concerned. Then half of them go back to Paris, the other half forget,’ Jean-Baptiste Jaussaud, spokesman for the Batman group, told French media.

‘They promise us more police, even suggest sending in the army… Next they’ll be talking about calling in Batman!’

Hopefully, the city mayor will get the message and will do something about the crime. Either that or criminals will eventually take over the city and I’m sure no one wants that.

[via Metro UK]

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