• Mary

    “We didn’t want any straight lines…”
    The lines in the Y, A, H and ! look pretty straight to me.

    “…scallops on the ends of the letters…”
    Where? I must be severely blind! I don’t see any scalloping at all. Did someone change the definition of that word maybe? :D

    The O’s have always been offset. the only difference I see is that they changed it to purple. If they did more than that, then their “change” failed. *shrugs shoulders*

    Can we have a before and after picture? :)

  • jack snack

    Who cares about a fukkin logo.

  • AT

    I use my yahoo mail and I didn’t even notice. Next time I log in to check my email, I sure I won’t notice.

  • Frank D

    I am totally underwhelmed.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Yep. It’s just there, and certainly doesn’t inspire me to use Yahoo… if they are trying to draw more traffic to the search engine, perhaps changing one the o’s into a magnifying glass might have been considered. Or is that too cliché’?

    Of the ones they offered, I preferred this one.

  • RogueBase

    I’ll bet all of 2 minutes discussion went into this…. I am so not impressed. I’d have been willing to bring up PS and do a better job.

  • Mike

    Initial reaction: Meh. Then, Bleh.

  • RealBull

    It does nothing for me, so I think they should have done some more designs before settling on this. The last “o” being slightly larger than the previous one is a nice touch, but maybe it was in the old one? I don’t remember. It’s too plain so I guess they wanted to fit in with all the boring zen designs like Apple, Google and Windows 8. Monkey see, Monkey do.