The results are in: MSN and Windows Live Messenger win by a small margin

In last week’s dotTechies article, I asked two questions:

  • What instant messaging services do you use?
  • What is the best instant messaging client?

The polls have closed and the results are in. MSN is the most used instant messaging service and MSN/Windows Live Messenger wins the vote for best instant messaging client. However, the poll for last week has been the closest one yet; Yahoo and Skype came in close second and third place respectively and, apparently, many dotTechies don’t instant message (blasphemy!):

[poll id=”7″]

[poll id=”8″]

To be completely honest, I sort of expected MSN to come out on top for both polls; however I also expected AIM to be up there and I really did not expect to find out many dotTechies don’t instant message!

Thank you everyone for participating! Feel free to post any thoughts on the matter below.

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