Ask dotTechies: How often do you visit dotTech?

For this week’s Ask dotTechies, I feel we should take a small break from the bombardment of dotTechies-preference-in-software polls and ask something of a different nature. You see I know much of the traffic that comes to dotTech gets converted to loyal dotTechies who come back on a regular basis. However, I am curious exactly how often do dotTechies visit dotTech. Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? Cast your vote and let us know!

[poll id=”9″]

I am looking forward to the results of this poll more than any other – it sure will be interesting =). Feel free to post any comments you have below.

P.S. I am sure you all know which one I voted for =D.

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  • sos4ever

    I value your reviews and the feedback from your readers, so I visit almost daily. The only time I don’t visit is when one of my PCs is needing “special attention. LOL

  • Stephen is one the my favorite 5 sites to visit daily, trusting the reviews as knowledgeable and with the freebees … “this one cool site”

  • Skye-hook

    I visit here every time a new article posts, as I see it in email notices, since I also am subscribed to dottech. In my opinion, Ashraf is the hardest working & most tech-savvy guy around, especially when it comes to software. I trust his opinion. His reviews have a large influence on many, many people, both here & on I’ll vote for ya in contest for blogs tomorrow, Ashraf! :)

  • Samer

    I’m subscribed by email, so I visit as soon as I receive a new article ^_^ and whenever u write reviews for Giveaway of the day which I visit daily :)

  • 4624Raymond

    Certainly one of my favourite sites, all the info and reviews are highly informative. Whilst not really being a ‘Geek’ myself, I’m more of a ‘Silver Surfer’ but enjoy the content here!

    The freebies are excellent, and thanks to all who spend time researching/finding these. It’s so easy to spend money on software with exagerated claims which do more to reduce the bank balance than they do to solve your computer problems!

  • smokexx

    Down time at work and at home equals dottech time. Voted for multiple times a day. I love reading and
    re-reading your articles. More power Ashraf. Mabuhay ka!

  • Shueygal

    Have a daily date with Ashraf. I as well will not download any GiveAwayoftheday until I have read Ashraf ‘s review. Your own “giveaways” are better anyway!!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work Ashraf, how do you find time to do anything else?

  • Keyur

    I voted for multiple times a day. I wont lie. But I don’t come here for give away of the day reviews because 90 out of 100 giveaways are converters like today’s giveaway (Cool You Tube To Mp3 Converter). They all do the same thing. and remaining 10 giveaways are backup software (Paragon backup). Your reviews are always good (including that of give away of the day software). I come here to check other stuff and reviews. Well done Ashraf. Keep it up.

  • Someguy

    I found a way you can vote as many times as you want. Do not do it. [Removed by Ashraf. Reason: Lets keep that secret to ourselves. Otherwise, I will have to improse more strict restrictions.] And don’t you dare. I don’t want people to say dottech sucks. It is great!!!

  • Ashraf

    Who are the three punks who voted for dotTech sucks? LOL!

    Anyway, thank YOU to everyone! dotTech wouldn’t be the same without everyone’s great support and backing.

  • Falco

    Multiple times a day. All the bookmarks in my nine browsers still have Politically Motivated. I need to update I guess. I love DotTech. Not sure how Ash does it but DotTech just keeps on getting better.Thanks Ashraf.

  • Grant

    Everytime my email goes *dingy dingy*, I’m here :)

  • Steelers6

    I’ve been stopping by a couple of times a day since I have been off of work. Great site, a lot of helpful people and information.

    This is the best site by far.

    Vidimo Se!

  • cwc

    I’m new to dottech but visit it often. Thanks for the opportunity and the Giveaways. It has made my life much better since I am on a fixed budget.

  • J. L.

    Once a day for Giveaway of the Day reviews and whatever else that came up. If there were more activity (excl. the forums that I don’t participate in yet), I would love to visit more.

  • D.S.

    I don’t know much about computer related things, so I go to dottech. :) I like how everything is organized and easy to understand. I rec. it to friends all the time.

  • Adder (aka BillM)

    I voted ‘Multiple times a week but not every day’ but that doesn’t quite tell the whole story…

    I get the email updates so I often come here multiple times a day (at times with multiple tabs open) in response to the emails that interest me and then I usually end up either commenting, installing new software, &/or perusing other articles on dotTech, but some days I don’t visit at all either because nothing caught my eye or else I got tied up with something else and forgot to stop by. So, even though I may not visit every day, I probably average 12 to 18 visits a week.

    Thanks Ashraf and all of you contributors for another huge time-sink on my computer. ;) Great site and great community!

  • John

    I voted once a day because that is normal, but sometimes it is multiple times a day if I see something interesting in your emails. I agree with number nine about going for a quick look and then five hours later… :)

  • Rocky

    I visit the site multiple times a day. I don’t want to miss anything.

  • ZionPercona

    I chose the multiple times option, but I didn’t see the live on dotTech one.

    I have a tent in the yard =p

  • jivadas

    I came across dottech some months ago, by way of GAOTD. Like one member above, I am retired; but, since I’m working on a huge translation project, I rarely have time to play with this stuff. It’s sort of like reading a cookbook.

    I have, however, discovered a few useful devices, and hope to send you a few CADbucks for your Christmas tree.

  • Kev93

    I am fat. And I HATE popcorn. Paper isn’t that bad though…

    I only visit once a day because I never leave…
    I might leave you alone if you would make the article visible in the email like Raymond does…
    I might even enable ads for your domain…

  • Jyo

    GOTD was how I came across your site. But now I read just about every new article that’s published here. Countless thanks!

  • doug

    I do visit wen you post a review on a GAOTD offering that I’m considering. Respectfully while I value your reviews, your review isn’t the final word in my deciding what offers to try. Anyway thank you for what you do.

  • Ozzie

    @Jeffinprov: That is so funny!

  • Jeffinprov

    I voted that I only visit once a day, but that was a lie. The truth is that I am powerless over my addiction to dotTech. Thank you, Ashraf, for your devotion to this site.

  • Muhammad

    i like dottech contributers

    i respect Ashraf

    i love dottech

  • Ron


    I think by now you know that I appreciate all the work and thoughtfulness that go into your articles. While I haven’t visited GOTD more than once or twice in the past year (not to download, just look), you provide valuable insights into their offerings. Never think for a minute your work isn’t appreciated.

  • ande

    I am here much more often that I post. I’m still of the belief that you hear more when you’re not talking.

  • Refpeuk

    I just LOVE this site – it’s by far my favorite. I check it for new posts almost as much as I check my email.

  • delenn13

    I have RSS feeds set up but I sometimes visit several times. I, also, book mark your site for a program when I download from here or GOTD as I like the way you show how to do things etc.

    Don’t always agree with you but that is what makes the world go round.

  • I am new here. Always listening, refreshing page many times to find something interesting. The best source and idea for my post. Thanks.

  • Sandeep

    @Ashraf: Not a bad idea :-)

    Anyways Thanks.

  • Adrian


    DoTTech=The best thing ever invented since paper!

  • Jeanjean

    I started to visit the site following your comments on GAOTD.
    I visit it now several times a day (some days at least). Often I come back to read again some reviews; I must say that I have time because I’m retired!
    Great site !
    Best regards.

  • Ozzie

    Greetings all! Well, I too am a multiple-times-a-day visitor. When I have down time at work or I am procrastinating when studying, I always pay a visit. I have found plenty of helpful tools for both work and study here on dotTech, and I (like many others, I’m sure) thank Ashraf from the bottom of my heart for his tireless efforts. Plus I really love the community that is growing up around dotTech – because you guys also help make this space as wonderful as it is. So thanks go to you all as well. I think dotTech is special – and I’m extremely happy to be a part of it. Rock on, Ashraf!

  • Ashok

    Now I dont download any giveaways until I first read your review :) so I am here almost daily. Visit many other times to read your freebies reviews when the time permits. Good work!

  • Thank you all for the extraordinary opportunity to be closer to the top of good software’ world! Ashraf, thank you personally. I follow via rss, open the half of all news because of my intrerests ;-) Also, i open almost ever your comment to offers. – i sure that it will be as detailed as possible and will answer to all my questions. So,i visit this site once or twice a day usually.

    Greetings from Tropariovo, Moscow, Russia!

  • siyam

    uhhhh,once…twice,more like twenty a day…at the least,keep pushin pusherman ha ha ha ha!

  • tejas

    I voted multiple times a day, but since there’s always 2 to 3 dotTech tabs open in my browser, maybe I should have voted differently. ;)

  • mouser

    i love the “about ashraf” text ! ha!!

  • Orchid

    Have to say, I stop by multiple times per day. I also have several people that keep up with what’s going on here…so if one of us miss something or see something new we make sure to let the others know. The articles and posts are great, helpful and informative…the reviews and offers are as well.

    Thanks Ashraf and all the others that are here and participate to make such a great site and community.

  • simakuutio

    Well, I’m following this site via rss so actually no need to visit here…

  • amzai

    I love dotTech more than everyone because of the nice reviews, giveaways and freebies as I can’t find most of those programs here where I stay in Africa, that’s why I voted for I live on dotTech.

    Best regards,

  • Ryan

    Hey, I literary live there too. Every minute of it. But, I voted “as often as new articles are posted”. Not sure why. Guess they are the same.


  • Wheezer

    I chose the multiple times a day option. I just stop in, look for new articles or forum posts, and then move on.

    The thing I both like and dislike is when I see something new that I decide I can’t live without and end up spending more time on the computer than I had intended installing something new. Because that of course leads to me playing with the new program, and all of a sudden the day is over. Other stuff I was supposed to get done, didn’t get done.

    I’d love to know what your daily average number of visitors actually is.

  • @Ashraf: Thanks! Any house rules I should know about?

  • Ashraf

    @RoseD1st: Cool. Glad to know you are on the e-mail notifications list =).

    @Samuel: You can have the guest bedroom upstairs =P.

    @Helmer: Both make you fat too. All that butter in popcorn = fat. All that sitting and reading dotTech = being fat but feeling good about it LOL. (Not that I am saying dotTechies are fat.)

    @Locutus: Ya this website sucks. Seriously.

  • Mmmm popcorn. So, Ashraf, did you REALLY only come to dotTech to vote in the pole?

    BTW I live on dotTech.

  • Helmer

    Dot Tech=the best thing invented since microwave popcorn!

  • @Ashraf, I don’t live on dotTech, but I’m doing stuff for it alot so that’s sort of the same thing, right?

  • RoseD1st

    Multiple times a week but not every day- I get email updates so when something interests me I come here to read it :^)

  • Ashraf

    @Sandeep: Hey me and you both. We could be roommates =P.

    You are welcome =).

  • Sandeep

    I really live on dottech and that’s what i voted for. Since i came to know about this site (i think the credit goes to GizmoTech) i am a big fan of dottech.

    Thanks Ashraf.