New York Police Department really wants you to upgrade to iOS 7

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Stealing iPhones and iPads in New York is big business it appears. So big it is, that the NYPD is campaigning for iOS users to upgrade to the newest version, iOS 7. Why is this? Well, iOS 7 has a new security mechanism known as Activation Lock that allows the owner to remotely lock down a stolen iPhone via Find My Phone. The plan here is to make iOS devices less of a target for thieves, since it wouldn’t do them any good as a brick.

According to AllThingsD, New York City police officers are even going around Apple stores handing out flyers to iOS users to make them aware of the new update. Furthermore, the officers are working with various communities to reach out and inspire users to upgrade.

If Apple consumers take heed and give iOS 7 a shot, many thieves could find themselves in a world of disappointment. Additionally, such a move might force thieves to improvise and become more violent, but it’s the price we have to pay as geeks to keep our beloved gadgets safe from harm’s way.

Activation Lock is pretty slick. If the phone is stolen, the illegal owner must first enter the legal owner’s Apple ID and password to turn off Find My Phone. It appears now that Android devices might become the next cool thing for thieves to target.

[via AllThingsD]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@J.L.] Coming soon to a dishwasher near you!

  • J.L.

    Nah, they want more newly added NSA components to be further adopted.

  • Android has had this service for years, through various security apps. T-Mobile got onto the bandwagon and started offering this protection about three years ago, as part of it’s deal with Asurion (the only insurance company in America that insures phones).

    Before anyone tries to call me down on that statement, there are a few large sellers and possibly even a few carriers that offer insurance themselves, but Asurion is the only insurance company. The insurance they offer is so-so, deductible based on the value of the phone but much less than a new phone and they cancel your insurance on the second claim. Unless you are accident prone, I wouldn’t bother. Invest in an Otter Skin Defender (or similarly protective) case instead.