New York installs Text Zones along highways, a place for drivers to stop and text safely


Because of some driver’s lack of ability to follow the law when driving, New York State is forced to install “Text Zones” throughout the city where drivers can park and have a few texts.

“New York State is continuing to use every tool at its disposal to combat texting while driving,” said Governor, Andrew Cuomo in a statement. “With this new effort, we are sending a clear message to drivers that there is no excuse to take your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road because your text can wait until the next Texting Zone.”

With this new implementation in place, drivers in New York should have no reason to text while around the wheel. If anyone is found breaking the law, we here at DotTech hope they face the full brute force of the law and then some.

The following is a list of all 91 Text Zones available to drivers:

  • Albany, I-87, New Baltimore Service Area
  • Albany, I-87, Rest Area – 3 miles south of Albany
  • Clinton, I-87, Beekmantown
  • Clinton, I-87, Point Au Roche
  • Clinton, I-87, Valcour
  • Essex, I-87, High Peaks NB
  • Essex, I-87, High Peaks SB
  • Essex, I 87, Elizabethtown
  • Essex, I 87, Lewis
  • Rockland, I-87, Ramapo Service Area
  • Rockland, I-87, Sloatsburg Service Area
  • Saratoga, I-87, Clifton Park
  • Ulster, I-87, Ulster Service Area
  • Ulster, I-87, Modena Service Area
  • Ulster, I-87, Plattekill Service Area
  • Ulster, I-87, Malden Service Area
  • Ulster, I-87, Rest Area – 11 miles south of Catskill
  • Ulster, I-87, Rest Area – 8 miles north of Kingston
  • Warren, I 87, Lake George
  • Warren, I-87, South Glens Falls
  • Warren, I-87, North Glens Falls
  • Westchester, I-87, Ardsley Service Area
  • Cortland, I-81, Preble
  • Livingston, I-390, Mt. Morris
  • Livingston, I-390, Geneseo
  • Cattaraugus, I-86, Allegany River
  • Chautauqua, I-86, Chautauqua L./Ellery
  • Cattaraugus, I-86, Randolph
  • Cattaraugus, I-86, Randolph
  • Allegany, I-86, Friendship
  • Steuben, I-86, Kanona
  • Steuben, I-86, Campbell
  • Steuben, I-390, Cohocton
  • Steuben, US Hwy 15/I86, Erwin
  • Steuben, I-86, Erwin
  • Steuben, I-86, Hornellsville
  • Jefferson, I-81, 1000 Islands/Orleans
  • Jefferson, I-81, Watertown
  • Jefferson, I-81, Ellisburg
  • Jefferson, I-81, Ellisburg
  • Jefferson, I-81, Orleans
  • Jefferson, I-81, Pamelia
  • Jefferson, I-81, Pamelia
  • Jefferson, I-81, Pamelia
  • Jefferson, I-81, Watertown
  • Orange, I-84, Wallkill
  • Orange, I-84, Middletown
  • Dutchess, I-84, Stormville
  • Dutchess, I-84, Fishkill
  • Putnam, I-684, Brewster
  • Weschester, I-684, Bedford
  • Orange, I-84, Greenville
  • Orange, I-84, Greenville
  • Chenango, I-81, Whitney Point
  • Tioga, NY 17, Nichols
  • Tioga, NY 17, Owego
  • Delaware, NY 17, East Branch
  • Sullivan, NY 17, Roscoe
  • Broome, I-81, Penn State Line
  • Otsego, I-88, Unadilla
  • Otsego, I-88, East Worcester
  • Suffolk, I-495, Huntington
  • Suffolk, I-495, Huntington
  • Cayuga, I-90, Port Byron Service Area
  • Erie, I-90, Clarence Service Area
  • Erie, I-90, Angola Service Area EB
  • Erie, I-90, Angola Service Area WB
  • Erie, I-90, Rest Area – 2 miles east of Eden/Angola
  • Erie, I-90, Rest Area – 7 miles west of Hamburg
  • Genesee, I-90, Pembroke Service Area
  • Herkimer, I-90, Iroquois Service Area
  • Herkimer, I-90, Schuyler Service Area
  • Herkimer, I-90, Indian Castle Service Area
  • Madison, I-90, Chittenango Service Area
  • Monroe, I-90, Ontario Service Area
  • Monroe, I-90, Scottsville Service Area
  • Montgomery, I-90, Mohawk Service Area
  • Montgomery, I-90, Rest Area – 10 miles east of Canajoharie
  • Montgomery, I-90, Rest Area – 2 miles west of Fultonville
  • Oneida, I-90, Oneida Service Area
  • Oneida, I-90, Rest Area – 3 miles east of Verona
  • Oneida, I-90, Rest Area – 3 miles west of Verona
  • Onondaga, I-90, Warners Service Area
  • Onondaga, I-90, DeWitt Service Area
  • Ontario, I-90, Junius Ponds
  • Ontario, I-90, Seneca Service Area
  • Ontario, I-90, Clifton Springs Service Area
  • Ontario, I-90, Rest Area – 9 miles east of Rochester
  • Schenectady, I-90, Pattersonville Service Area
  • Schenectady, I-90, Guilderland Service Area
  • Seneca, I-90, Rest Area – 15 miles west of Weedsport

Personally speaking, I feel there should be no need for this kind of implementation; it only wastes money because some drivers don’t have the self-control to stop texting while driving. However, this move by New York State is a good idea in light of the fact that people simply don’t stop texting while driving; hopefully drivers will take heed since the city is trying to work with them rather than working against them. I do have to ask, though: if someone will not stop texting while driving, why would they stop driving to text? Question of the day, it is.

We expect other states to follow suit in the coming months if this idea turns out to be a smart one.

[via PC Mag]

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  • BeegDiquesDontLye

    Would be nice if they had the same attitude to other forms of criminal irresponsibility. Like “I need money for rent through no fault of my own I’m impoverished, so I’ll rob someone rich who won’t be traumatised by it.” Unlike the trauma that can and does result from bad driving 1000kg+ of metal around at high velocities, without the skill or discipline to do so safely. Just enforce road law and encourage people to think less selfishly. Ah right, that’s anti-American, isn’t it? :-p Why bother then, let people kill each other openly, it’s more efficient on the planet’s resources, right? Right? My point is the line of what ‘civilisation’ and ‘law’ is, gets drawn in the wrong places by corrupt people.

  • davidroper

    No No No No Nooooooooo! The fines are not enough to stop people from driving while texting. That’s all.

    What about a hefty $3,000 fine first time and $5,000 the next?

    And don’t tell me that’s too much. How much does a life cost? or just a crashed car?

    oops, my conservative side just creeped out. Sorry, libbers.

  • Went 200 miles on the NYS Thruway yesterday, only saw one accident (but almost got run off the road by an 18 wheeler). Maybe it’s working. Amusing, anyhow.