Batman’s Commissioner Gordon gets his own TV show called Gotham


While most of the attention is centered around Ben Affleck becoming the next actor to put on the Cowl, DC and Warner have been prepping a little something in secret. What’s this you ask? Nothing major, just a new TV series called Gotham that is centered on the life of Commissioner Gordon. We understand Batman will not feature in the series, well, probably not in the beginning. However, many of Gotham’s finest villains will, which could make for an exciting TV series if done well.

According to a Deadline report, the creator of the mentalist, Bruno Heller, will be producing the show in union with Warner Bros. Unlike several of Warner Bros. and DC projects before, Gotham won’t air on the CW, but on Fox instead. Interestingly enough, Fox is the home of the X-Men movies and that of Wolverine.

The official announcement of the Gotham project came on the same night that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D debuted on ABC. Did you watch it? It was interesting but not exciting. Action scenes were decent, though, the jokes just failed to hit home.

Warner Bros. is making a serious push for the Television with DC based series. Already we’ve got Arrow the CW going into its second season, and a rumored Flash series. What’s not known is if Gotham will play in the same universe as Arrow. It would be a severe disappointment if Warner and DC chose to do otherwise.

[via Deadline, image via Batman Animated Series Wiki]

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