Adblock Plus update makes Facebook less annoying

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus has recently released an update which aims to make your Facebooking experience as annoying-free as possible.

The ever popular social networking platform can offer a bombardment of information, especially for those who make liberal use of the like button, or have friends who like to post about every little thing that they do during the day. Much like games such as Starcraft have the ability to make several hours go by and leave you feeling as if only a few seconds have passed, the amount of information that Facebook presents can drag a person in for hours and leave them feeling dazed and confused after, blinking their blurry eyes and wondering what happened to the daylight.

Aside from all the content, which you have chosen to like and friends you do want to keep in touch with, is the barrage of advertising.  This is where Adblock Plus comes in; as I’m sure most of you know, Adblock Plus allows you to block ads, because while Facebook is a great way to waste time, it can also be quite useful for being marketed to.

The newest update to Adblock Plus now allows you to block even more.  If you never want to see things such as “entertainment pages you may like, or have to worrying about things on the sidebar wanting you to “rate movies” you can get rid of them now with Adblock Plus. There is also an everything option, which blocks a plethora of different things such as “music pages you may like, entertainment pages you like, add to movies” and so on.  The full list can be viewed here.

Ready to give Adblock Plus a try? Read dotTech’s guide on how to block ads in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera or hit up Adblock Plus’ website.

[via lifehacker}

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