TorSearch lets you search for Tor-supported websites


In a perfect world you could go about your internet- surfing business and daily routines openly and honestly and not have to worry about being unjustly monitored. But it isn’t a perfect world, and as recent revelations of NSA spying on US citizens, for example, occue, it may be useful to remain anonymous on the internet. That is where Tor and TorSearch come in.

Tor, which is an acronym for The Onion Reader, is software that allows a user to browse .onion pages anonymously, and these .onion pages can only be accessed using a Tor browser. TorSearch is one of Tor’s larger search engines, with a database of 128,000 sites can be browsed with anonymity.

Now, obviously there are concerns that could be raised about using the Tor browser for illegal activity and the difficulty it could cause authorities in tracking down said activity. However, I’m sure most of us will agree that every good tool can be used for evil, and Tor is just another example. Tell us what you think about Tor and it’s potential applications in our comments section.


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