German telecom wants to create Germany-only Internet


After the Edward Snowden leaks that brought to light what the NSA is up to, many countries are now quite apprehensive towards the United States. Things have gotten so bad that a German telecom, Deutsche Telekom, is rallying other German communication networks to join forces to create a Germany-only Internet. This isn’t the first time we’ve come across a similar plan. Recently, the Brazilian president claimed she wanted to move away from American Internet in favor of Europe.

While many folks who are against the America spying might see this move as a good thing, in reality, it isn’t. You see; cutting off traffic from the United States would render social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Google search useless. It would also destroy the open nature of the Internet, along with sending several companies out of business. So yes, this isn’t the correct move to make, but we can understand why Deutsche Telekom wants this to happen.

Furthermore, if other countries should follow suit with this plan, it could usher in a Balkanisation of the Internet.

Usually, control over Internet traffic is seen in countries such as China and Iran, and as you might have expected, using the Internet is not as fun as it can be in those countries. Good luck watching your nightly porn flicks in Iran, because that’s never going to happen.

We as Internet users are not interested in being controlled and bogged down. So right now we’d prefer to see nations working together to quell the problem instead of creating separate a Internet, because that’s nasty.

[via Reuters, image via Litteration]

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