NASA debunks claims of aliens off coast of South America


Recently, a satellite recorded evidence of a mysterious cluster of lights in the Atlantic Ocean, which is quite far away from human civilization. Obviously, folks were interested in knowing what these lights represents, some even went as far to say these lights are from alien origins. However, NASA chose to quell rumors by announcing the real reason behind the lights. As expected, some people believes the space agency is covering up what is really happening in the Atlantic.

According to NASA, the lights seen are of fishermen hunting for Illex argentinus, a species of short-finned squid that forms the second largest squid fishery on the planet. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these lights are just fishermen in the dark with their torches, nothing more, nothing less.

The brightness of the lights is due to the fishermen shining their lamps into the water to gain the attraction of small critters that the squid feeds on. The squid then in turn follows the food source to the surface only to be captured by the patient fishermen.

That’s a good explanation, don’t you think? It’s a little bit farfetched to claim those lights were from alien origins or the reappearance of lost ships from the Bermuda Triangle.

Now, for those who might argue that the lights are enormous, so it couldn’t be from a fisherman’s boat. It’s all due to the light shining in the water, it reflects it which makes the area look larger than normal. That’s it folks, no aliens to see here so move along.

[via NASA]

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