New Alaskan law punishes texting and driving with 1 year jail and $10,000 fine


Alaska is taking texting and driving real seriously compared to other states in America. At the moment, texting and driving is banned in 47 states, however; only in Alaska a person found guilty will have to spend a year in prison and $10,000. Now, if you’re in California, the maximum fine for a fist timer is just a mere $20, that should put into perspective how deadly it is in Alaska for folks who love to text and drive.

“Texting fines vary wildly across the country,” Mother Jones reports, “and you’ll end up paying a little or a lot depending on where you got caught.”

In some states, the police are not allowed to pull a driver over for texting. However, the police is capable of imposing a texting fine on top of speeding or other road laws the driver might have broken.

It’s pretty interesting to see a state handing down a $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail for first offenders in this texting and driving problem. We wouldn’t mind if this law is adopted by other states in the U.S to help curb drivers from doing the deadly deed.

Make no mistake, by now every driver should know that texting and driving is dangerous, yet some do it anyway. It proves incompetence and thus they deserve harsh treatment by the courts.

[via Mother Jones]

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  • Leif


    If you don’t know, aren’t from here, and haven’t bothered to do even basic research, why bother commenting?

    The 10k/1yr is the max for just driving and texting – no accident. The fines and jail time potential get much more severe with an associated incident. A driver faces up to a Class A Felony with fines up to $250,000 and 20 years in prison for a fatal accident.(

    The road conditions here are not bad. Yup, there is ice but it’s mostly packed snow in the interior. We can use studded tires and many do. People learn to drive for the conditions.

    The root problem is distracted driving. Driving and texting can be bad but isn’t any worse than spilling a piping hot latte in your lap or a big juicy burger yet people eat and drink all the time. Our cars are even designed with cup holders to support the habit. What’s the fine for driving while eating/drinking or how about turning around to talk to someone in the back?

  • No-one caught texting and driving first time will receive that maximum penalty, unless he/she causes a tragic accident etc ! Note that it’s a Maximum penalty, hence a discretionary and not a compulsory penalty.

    It’s also not compulsory for a fine and (as well as) jail-time — the penalty could be either, or both. Therefore, it could be any amount up to $10,000 or jailtime of any time period up to 1 year, or any combination of both.

    Hence penalties in reality will likely be light if some cop just see you texting while driving, unless of course it can be proven to have directly caused an accident, which led to a death or serious injury — that may trip the maximum penalty.

    I’ve not been to Alaska, but from what I understand their road are frequently iced over and dangerous to drive on, hence, I would imagine, the ability to hand down a serious penalty.

    However, there’s no doubt it’s a good thing, and I support it — pull off the road if you need to type on your phone, if you can do so safely, otherwise do it at your destination.

    In fact, they should extend it to people wearing Google Glass and any other similar products.