Facebook won’t show video ads until 2014

facebook video adst

After long debates in the Facebook management, it seems that 2014 will be the year that we will be annoyed with popups video ads on the site.

It’s been a while when the first speculation appeared on the fact that people at Facebook will be more aggressive with ads in News Feed. In December 2012, for example, it was speculated that by the end of April we will see video advertisements on Facebook. Subsequently, the application submission date changed in June, later to become in the autumn. The main reason for delays was related to the accumulation of new features that the social giant hoped to release with new commercials.

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The folks at AllThingsD have information such in 2014 we will see the first video advertisements on Facebook. Apparently, some customers have been advised not to rely on this type of advertising campaign until next year. Clearly, the site management worries over how such aggressive tactics will influence the users. At this stage, there are some videos that start automatically in News Feed, but whose sound is muted without additional click, so this will not bother us if we have our speakers on. The biggest problem is that the launch of the function cannot be delayed too much, because the demand for such a feature is really great.

With about 1.2 billion users globally, Facebook is obviously trying to quantify the accumulated information in a more diverse way. Currently, I believe that some videos that appear in the middle of our screen without any intervention would not bring much benefit. What do you think about this?

[via AllThingsD, image via Tubemogul]

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  • Louis

    Ditto ditto vandamme & Seamus !

    If I can block it with the combo of “AdBlock’s block list modified” & “donotrackme” extensions on Chrome, it’s ok. Perhaps this development will foster new extensions/addons that will focus just on completely neutralising FB ads etc.

    But if they find another way to pop it up anyhow, and its completely silent and completely out of the way without blocking anything, I’ll let it pass, since FB is merely a tool for me to keep track of what my friends back in South Africa, and my ex students here in China are doing. If not, it will be immediately closed at the first sound, and FB I bid thee farewell.

    Lately I’ve experienced Google Plus hangouts etc of third parties, and was quite impressed — I’m not using it (yet), but perhaps it warrants another look — I’ve a feeling that FB will eventually & gradually go the way of the once mighty MySpace and selfdestruct.

    But it won’t be an overnight thing – they have too many users, even though half that number is probably fake profiles. People will just keep their FB profiles, but open others on G+ or any new ones that are sure to step in the void later on, and slowly just cease to use FB altogether — it will die an organic death.

    Watch for signs of FB directors & large shareholders starting to dump their stock in the years to come, as they slowly kill the goose with the golden eggs !

  • AT

    Several generations of changes ago, I used to block Facebook ad servers. It worked until they changed servers and I grew tired of tracking the servers. It maybe time to start blocking in again.

    [@markh777] Yes and no. Some are but adblock’s database is not complete and recent changes allow for more ads to go through. You can add servers to the block list yourself.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@vandamme] Ditto!

  • markh777

    will ad block plus block these? If not I am done with Facebook which I rarely use anyway

  • Maybe YOU will…I won’t.