The results are in: Most dotTechies are daily visitors

Last week I asked dotTechies how often do you visit dotTech? Now the polls have closed and the results are in. Most dotTechies are daily visitors, with a handful spending a little bit more time on dotTech than is medically advisable, and a few that, apparently, hate dotTech:

[poll id=”9″]

Thank you everyone for participating! Great to know we have loyal dotTechies out there =). If you have any thoughts on the matter, please post below.

How often do you visit dotTech?

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  • mam

    Once a month (-1%, 1 Votes)

    Asharf I think this is a rounding error. You can not get -1 % for 1 vote ….

  • awisdom01

    It’s nice that the guy who only visits once a month happened to visit just in time to vote in the poll!

  • David Roper

    If vote < 1 then Vote = 0
    Fixed. Doesn't hurt the math.
    If that doesn't work try
    If vote = -1 then vote = 0

  • Ralph

    I see the guy who only visits once a month is -1% of the total. Interesting. . . :-)

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    Not a surprising result, in my opinion. I would have figured there would have been a bit more votes in the live on/hate it answers, because they are the extremes and more entertaining, but it’s fun to see how often people visit anyway. Or what they say they do.

  • calebstein

    5 PEOPLE THINK DOTTECH.ORG SUCKS!?! Those people are very wrong.