Ask dotTechies: What is your favorite computer brand?

We all use computers. (If you don’t use computers, how and why are you on dotTech?) So when it comes to purchasing our own computer, selecting what computer we want is always a complicated – and sometimes emotional – process. So this week’s Ask dotTechies aims to see where dotTechies’ loyalties lie: What is your favorite computer brand?

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If you have any comments on the matter, feel free to share them below with everyone in the comments below. If this turns into a brand war, just remember Google is going to take over the world someday.

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  • I like the Lenovo/IBM SL 400 using for the last 3 years without any noticeable problems and no noise at all from the fan and without heat on bottom or body.

  • SAGER Laptops (Based on Clevo platforms.)…. They use….High Quality components!
    (Technically speaking, they make Gamers Laptops, which means
    that the Sager Laptops do everything really well. (Except battery life.)
    Last time I checked,…. in the well known brand area, Asus still had the best record for reliability/Quality (Laptops).

  • Donald Bock

    I build my own because I like to choose what parts I want and need, not needing to screw with some smug fools (Apple) who I got screwed with for price, functions, upgrade possibilities. HP makes good stuff (Printers) PCs: not stellar but very good. DELL: No too bad. Weird software and parts choices, though. Shuttle: Good -> Excellent, solid build and features. Biostar: Decent, no problems. had now 2 years+.

  • calebstein

    Dell is my favorite only because it is the one I am using right now. I will build my next computer.

  • zach

    I am wanting to try building my own computer when I get one after taking a computers class which included building a theoretical one.. I wonder if anyone here who is experienced in building computers would be willing to write an article about how to build one? I know that be helpful to those of us who are new to it. Obviously there are a lot here who build their own already.

  • RoseD1st

    HP (Hewlett-Packard)/Compaq are my fav

  • Sandeep

    @Jumbi: What about Mitsubishi???? I am reaching near to 100,000 Kms :-)

  • jumbi

    I have sold thousands of computers during the last 13 years…
    From my experience, branded computers are much more reliable than “builted” ones.
    Actually I avoid to sell anything build and just recommend brands, so that I have less possible problems in the future.

    Of course, I use myself a couple of built computers (among others), but I have the knowledge to bypass various problems.
    For new users, I strongly suggest a brand.
    Also almost all of my business customers (including international companies) use ONLY brands. Some of them have global contracts with manufacturers.
    Business, means, a lot of users are using PCs for many hours daily… so hardware credibility is a vital factor.

    Now about the brands:
    In my country, HP has many years succesful past, mainly in the business market. Excluding servers, most of their PCs (dekstops) include also a 3 year on-site warranty which is a great proof of their quality.

    Having sold numerous brands (not all of them are available here), I do suggest:

    1) HP, NEC (I read they are no 1 in sales in Japan)
    2) Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens,
    3) Acer
    4) built

    1) Toshiba, HP, Sony
    2) Lenovo, Fujitsu-Siemens
    3) Acer
    4) built

    (I haven’t included whatever is not tested well here).

    To make it simpler and funny, imagine that:

    1) means Toyota or Mercedes or BMW
    2) means Ford, Opel etc
    3) means Huindai, KIA etc
    4) means Fiat etc

    All modern cars will drive you where you want but after 100.000 km you will understand what reliability means.


  • Someguy

    I use a Dell but I like Hp for their quality and Apple for their GUI.

  • It’s very strange to see that “Building my own computer” got 20% of votes. Yes, it’s not that difficult to me, but is it a waste of time (just my opinion)?

  • Adder

    I have been building my own since my trusty C128 couldn’t handle the load anymore back in the early nineties. I must say though that Asus motherboards and video cards (along with EVGA) are tops, and in fact, the system that I am currently purchasing parts for is based on a top-of-the-line Asus mobo which is gonna be a beast of a gaming system. :)

    I am also building my first new multimedia system, so I have yet to form an opinion on these smaller system manufacturers as I am still in the research stage.

    In the laptop department, I am currently using a Dell which I got in a trade with a neighbor in exchange for an old motorcycle (which I received as payment for a small remodel job) although I am currently shopping for a new one. In all likelihood, my new one will be either an Asus or an Alienware (Dell) gaming rig.

    As far as servers go, I have always recycled my old systems to do server duty so they are always of the Heinz95 variety.

    Yeah, I’m a geek.

  • Sandeep

    I too compare prices and features. My personal favorite is Sony VAIO but they are pretty expensive laptop for me. Next comes Toshiba and then Dell. No other brands for me except these.

    I am voting for “Compare Prices and features” but i do have 3 favorites as mentioned.

    Thanks Ashraf.

  • ZionPercona

    I compare prices and features -shot-

  • Definitely HP/Compaq.
    I love the stability of HP equipments plus the beauty of Compaq design. I have seen enough of Dell problems and of HP stability. Don’t worry Dell fanatics, that is just my view :lol:

  • Kev93

    SYSTEMAX SYSTEMAX SYSTEMAX… Not really custom, mine was someone else’s refurbished NEW custom. (Never opened. 3.6 GHZ quad 3GIG of ram 1TB HD etc. for less then $400…. WEIRD!!)
    Their new ones aren’t bad either.
    I could never afford to build one, I only got used hand-me-downs before.

  • Ashraf

    @EsseCi: Crap, I forgot Asus! Is it too late to add it in now? =(.

    @toast: I disagree somewhat, but the reason I grouped them together is to stay consistent.

  • Alexz

    Ashraf said it all (I’ve had the same experience with tech support). That’s why I started building my own PCs and I’m really happy now.

  • h_warriner

    There’s no straight forward answer. I use mostly Dell laptops today, but survived a decade with NEC laptops. Most of these machines have been bought used. It is what is economical and available when something else is needed.

  • toast

    I think it’s unfair to group Acer with Emachines or Gateway. Although they all make budget PC’s, Acer’s hardware surpasses Emachines and Gateway. I realize that Acer bought the two other names, but still, compared to their mother, Acer, the other two are just Wal-Mart brands.

  • future hacker

    I beleive Dell is the best. I read a lot of magazines where they review laptops and desktops and dell is always ranked at the top, especially the ‘monster’ desktops for gamers. I bought a Dell Studio not long ago and had absolutly no problems at all. I don’t recommand the apple brand because it isn’t cheap at all and doesn’t have a good compability with lots of software…

  • I am still fairly new to computers… Dottech, Techsupportalert (DOT) com, & 3 truly excellent friends have done a magnificent job of helping me over the never – ending hurdles. (Yes,… I STILL live in a cave. [Actually I am moving UP!… I Now live in a barn,… for real! Did you know that cow pies make EXCELLENT…. Never mind… You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, like about the time I… ] ) My first & only computer is a Gateway Laptop (Notebook) Model# MT 6723, & in the less than 2 yrs. that I have owned it, no major problems,… EXCEPT for VISTA !!! <—- What an EXPERIENCE THAT O.S. has been! (And of course all of my [MANY] learning-process mistakes.)
    HOWEVER,…. A RECENT study rated ASUS Laptops to be the MOST reliable. (Sorry I don't have the link.)
    Feel free to disagree! If whatever you have WORKS,… meets your NEEDS,… you are HAPPY :) with it,… ETC., stick with it.
    Thanks for Dogtech! OOOOOOps….. I meant dottech., I am also dyslexic. :( Say la vie.
    Most EXCELLENT job Ashraf,… Keep up the good work!

  • Jabtano

    My gaming rig is Digital storm.. both my laptops are HP. they are tough because I abuse them tossing them around they tend to hold up a lot better.

  • Where is Asus?

  • Ozzie

    @Nick: “.. from Volvo to Hummer” … so it’s a now horrendously ugly, incredibly bulky gas-guzzler? :)

  • Ozzie

    @Locutus: Likewise. Having opted for a life of service for the greater good over a hefty bank balance (hee hee :)), cost is always the bottom line. I would love to have a Mac one day as I would love to move away from Windows. But by the time I can afford one, we’ll probably be using a different sort of technology anyway! After many years on an ancient laptop that was in the last stages of decrepitude, at the start of the year I bought a new one – the cheapest I could find in the city I live. And that was a bottom-of-the-line Acer. And it’s been fine. As long as it does what I need to do with the minimum of fuss, then I have no complaints. But I will continue to dream of the Apple!

  • OutDesigns

    As a professional graphic artist, photographer and website developer, spending hours in “processor hell” waiting for my HP to catch-up to my work was a constant occurrence . . . Some days, it drove me mad! Back in 2004, aside from a expensive custom machine and a MAC there was little that could be done to help . . . (and it was imperative that my machine remained compatible with the PCs at my workplace – so for me, a MAC wasn’t a foolproof option . . . remember . . . we’re talking, 2004).

    Late that year, I accidentally stumbled upon the “Shuttle XPC” line of computers at a smaller, local electronics store and was informed by the salesman that this heavily-processor-ladened line was geared-toward the niche’ gaming community. I wondered if it could be my ticket out of the “processor pit” and so took a chance on the line . . . I have been a fan of these sleek, mean machines ever since. Additionally, they have a rather small footprint, too (7″ x 7″ x 10″ enclosure) . . . leaving my desk to me.

    I get an occasional “hassle” once in a while from my gaming friends . . . they say I should be using my Shuttle for killing aliens and saving the planet, but otherwise, I couldn’t be happier.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced the Shuttle brand of computers. . . Good or Bad . . . I’d be interested to know cause’ I honestly don’t hear a lot about them. Over the years, Shuttles gotten even faster, smaller and even more beautifully designed (the styling kinda’ reminds me of a MAC-ed-out PC).

    My experience has been that you can’t kill these things! (or did I just get lucky?) . . . I’m still using the same machine I purchased back in 04′ (with two upgrades a year ago – added RAM & upgraded my processor). . . . It has weathered 100s of in/un-installations, high-res digital design and more . . . you name it, I’ve probably put this thing through it . . . and this tiny box has never let me down . . . (even the upgrades were solely my choice and not due to component failure).

    . . . and now over 5 years later, I’d still recommend a Shuttle to anyone. Thanks for the opportunity to do just that, Ashraf!

  • tejas

    My desktop machine is a “tejas”. ;)

    Guess my favorite laptop brand is Toshiba. Bought one for my wife a couple of years ago, and bought one for myself a few months back.

  • OldElmerFudd

    Nearly all my machines were built around Asus motherboards, but the most recent uses a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P.
    I’ve given a Lenovo desktop and a Asus eePc netbook to a friend in the past few months. I’m impressed with them so far, but probably wouldn’t buy a box for myself.
    Whoops, my lappy’s a Lenovo! Good little machine.

  • Pwnana

    I love HP overall, but Ive always wanted an Alienware, so since Dell bought them I voted Dell.

  • Mine is a Dell

  • Jyo

    WHOA! so many self-built-PC people….what a bunch of geeks…..(Nah, I’m only jealous….)

  • Nick

    Here’s a Tip and advice.

    If there’s a old desktop computer standing at home which is’nt in use anylonger. Don’t through it.
    Why not rebuild it inside, there is money to save.
    Besides, though possible equip it exactly in that way which is most desired. Why being robbed in a store.

    My desktop was from the beginning a Fujitsu Siemens.
    Now it’s more of a hybrid – from Volvo to Hummer:)

  • dojo

    This is a multi-level issue. Not problem. Issue. Sorry, have personal PROBLEM with the use of the word ISSUE as a synonym for the word PROBLEM. They are not synonyms, people! Anyhow, that issue (problem?) is beside the point.

    Since HP bought Compaq, they’re my choice when it comes to servers. Great packages, options, well thought out form factors and if you need to scale pretty big, the HP line can do it. IBM can too, but dealing with Big Blue is harder.

    At the desktop level, I’ve always been a shirtsleeve bench tech and like what Asus hardware delivers. Unfortunately, their tech support is not as good as their hdwre. For that reason, I guess I’d have to go with the Dell crowd, except I hate all the plastic gizmos they build in and which always break. Plus it’s always like a Rubic’s Cube to get inside unless you’ve got the inside dope on how to do it.

    I’ve also been impressed with some of the other Asian offerings. Gigabyte has some solid designs and there are others as well. But again, it’s nice to get an English speaking support tech helping when the shite hits the fan.

  • I don’t have a favorite. I just compare prices and features.

    However the Acer I currently own is very nice.
    Dells? The one from 2005 is very nice and has never had a single problem, but my other family members have had nothing but trouble with the one from 2008.

  • Ande

    I used to build my own. I got tired of the hassle of each component manufacturer blaming another about why something didn’t work particularly well (or at all). I now buy from Dell, call 1 number, and whine extremely loud until I get to the 2nd or 3rd level and get an answer.
    :-) :-)

  • Ashraf

    @Jyo: Because I hate Apply. Jk. I don’t hate Apple.

    It is just a small bug in the voting program I use. Just ignore it – it will fix itself.

    @porrelaar: My experience with tech support – Dell or otherwise – is usually horrendous. They make me spend hours “troubleshooting” and eventually just come to the same conclusion I could have told them/did tell them when we started started talking.

  • porrelaar

    I have 4 PC’s in my house: 1 Medion, 2 Dell’s en 1 Alternate.
    The Dell’s gave me the fewest problems. O yes, I had one problem with my newest Dell on the first day after purchase, but the helpdesk was very good and the problem disappeared after flashing the BIOS. I had never done that before, but the helpdesk was patient and talked me through the procedure.
    A second reason for buying Dell’s is that I like the look of those machines. Yes , that is very personal.

  • Jyo

    Why is apple -1% with “zero” votes? lol