Hackers have acquired data from 38 million Adobe customer accounts


If you’re an Adobe customer, you might want to change your password today. Following up an initial report earlier this month where Adobe said hackers acquired data from 3 million customer accounts, the company is now saying that the number is more like 38 million.

That’s 38 million Adobe IDs, their passwords which are thankfully encrypted, and credit card information. According to an Adobe spokeswoman, of those 38 million accounts, many were¬†“invalid Adobe IDs, inactive Adobe IDs, Adobe IDs with invalid encrypted passwords and test account data.” But that doesn’t change the fact that active customers with real data aren’t being affected either — which is why Adobe has sent out warning emails to affected customers.

Whether or not you received a warning email from Adobe, it might be a good idea to change your Adobe ID’s password today. You know, just in case.

[via Reuters, Gizmodo]

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