Tech giants write letter opposing NSA surveillance

tech giants

Once again the NSA finds more people are going in the fight against them rather than supporting them. In the latest move against the Big Brother organization the major tech companies are joining in the fight to have their power limited.

Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, AOL, and Yahoo have come together to address the situation of the current practices by the NSA. In the letter addressed to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the companies ask for transparency, oversight, and accountability mechanisms for the NSA’s spying programs.

In their joint letter, the groups applaud the new USA FREEDOM legislation that is now in the works. The authors of the bill, Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative James Sensenbrenner, are working to give not only the nation what the companies are asking. Sensenbrenner was one of the original authors of the Patriot Act which allows mass data collection by the NSA, although the way the NSA has abused the Act was never his intention.

With the support of tech giants, the new Act may make it passed the House and the Senate. With it we can hope that the NSA and the tech companies alike will give us more transparency in the future when it comes to what information is being gathered and why.

[via CNetThe Washington Post]

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  • melen001


    YES….. we should all do that. Let them know that we don’t want them sticking their nose in our business anymore. NSA… go away……

  • I would also encourage everyone to write their congressman and ask them to support the bill. Every little bit helps.

  • melen001

    Well, what do you know…… I wouldn’t doubt that NSA got some of their spying techniques and ideas from these companies. They have been doing it for years collecting info on us to sell us stuff and so-on so who knows……. This has to go…..

  • Ashraf

    [@Daniel Lovejoy] I’m sorry but if you are comparing data mining for advertising to the data collection by the NSA and co… then you are disillusioned. Yes, both companies and NSA do collect data on users, but the type, level, and depth of data collection is vastly different. While I’m not defending corporate tactics for better targeted ads, only a fool would think it is the same as spying by NSA.

  • Machar

    Hilarious! Aren’t these the same (US) companies that have already been outed as cooperating with the (US) NSA for umpteen years? Could it be that devious organisations continue to be devious after they’ve been found out, rather than being the reformed characters they claim to be? Surely not!

    The real test will be when the incompetents running the NSA/CIA/US government alphabet soup trip up again As they are bound to do, ‘cos they’re incompetent.

    I so hope that my cynicism is unfounded but history says otherwise. Anyhow, thanks for the laugh!

  • Daniel Lovejoy

    So, the companies that spy on us (for targeted “advertising”) have issues when they face the same scrutiny (for non-specific national security threats)?