Youtube co-founder slams Google+ commenting system

Youtube real

In move to maybe bring some civility towards the comments section on Youtube by, Google has made it so that you have to connect your account on Youtube to your Google+ account if you want to post a comment.

Jawed Karim, who is Youtube’s co-founder, is not happy at all with this little piece of news and his response is incredibly mature and respectful for someone who helped create what has become one of the most powerful forces on the internet: “Why the f*** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”

While he might find it inconvenient to have to sign into Google+ and have it attached to his Youtube account, it cannot be denied that the comment section before resembled something close to insanity. On the other hand, this move on Google’s part will probably not stop those that really want to comment, and often times those that do are not motivated by positive thoughts.

[via The Next Web, image via jm3’s flickr]

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