Youtube co-founder slams Google+ commenting system

Youtube real

In move to maybe bring some civility towards the comments section on Youtube by, Google has made it so that you have to connect your account on Youtube to your Google+ account if you want to post a comment.

Jawed Karim, who is Youtube’s co-founder, is not happy at all with this little piece of news and his response is incredibly mature and respectful for someone who helped create what has become one of the most powerful forces on the internet: “Why the f*** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”

While he might find it inconvenient to have to sign into Google+ and have it attached to his Youtube account, it cannot be denied that the comment section before resembled something close to insanity. On the other hand, this move on Google’s part will probably not stop those that really want to comment, and often times those that do are not motivated by positive thoughts.

[via The Next Web, image via jm3’s flickr]

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  • Alan


    Exactly what she said in the first paragraph. Linking the YouTube account to the Google+ account may not necessarily be the problem, in fact, it might help clean up YouTube. But she is right about having to constantly login just to leave a comment. ‘Keep Me Signed In’ should mean ‘Keep Me Signed In’, not ‘Nag Me X Times A Day For My Password And Try To Replace My Public ID With My Personal Private ID For All To See’. Teeny tiny difference there (according to Google). Is it any wonder there are so many temper tantrums on YouTube nowadays?

    : )

  • Switch-kun

    Surprisingly, I’m really satisfied with this update. This is the first time I’ve been happy about a Youtube update. Youtube has made so many bad design changes in the past, it was frustrating.

    This new system allows me to see comments that are relevant or hot. I can also write longer comments without the 300 word restriction in mind.

  • Mary

    I, for one, cannot stand the fact that you have to relate your Google account to the YouTube account. It maddens me every time they want to change my YouTube name. No, I do not want it to be the same as my Google email account. I don’t even want the darn hangout. How many times do I have to keep choosing the name for my Youtube account? I chose one when I made it. I want to opt out of Google keep asking me or making suggestions for me. Leave my Youtube account alone.

    As far as the comments go, people should just delete the vulgar ones, the ones that have no relation to the video, or any other comment they don’t want posted on their page. Yes, there are a lot of stupid people out there, making posts they shouldn’t kiss anyone with their mouths, and this is just because people have become so lazy and rude due to the fact they have no discipline, and weren’t taught morals and ethics. It’s a shame really and very disheartening.

    There is a delete button and a report button. Use them, but Google, stop trying to connect all my damn accounts together. I have a brain, let me use it. It’s annoying.

  • Tom

    With the new system, unless you are one of the more loquacious types, your comment is relegated to the basement level where dialog no longer exists.

    My succinct remarks are now kept to myself, and the user loses.

  • Horrabin

    Vulgarity and insults have become way too common on nearly every site with a comment system. Examples are ZDNET and PCWorld for just a couple of “tech” sites. About 1/3 are actually about the post and the rest are just garbage. And don’t even think about wading through a political site’s comments…

  • Coyote

    “Why the f*** do I need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”

    A perfect example of what google is trying to fix here. The comments on Youtube videos are downright insane, so bad so I had installed a addon for firefox called “herp derp youtube” which replaced all comments with a hilarious string of herp derp herp derp derp herp. And i don’t see why people refuse to accept G+ and youtube are the same account now, it should have been that way from the day google bought the service. If anything they should have done this sooner and stemmed the tide of retards that like to comment on videos about subjects that have no reasonable reason to get so obscene and vulgar about.