China installed more than 60 security cameras on one streetlight

china surveillance-camera

What’s this? More than 60 security cameras on a single streetlight? China seems to be quite paranoid here. Forget the NSA for a minute here, for China is looking down on its citizens via over 60 security cameras in one spot, and that’s not good.

The image you’re looking at above was taken at an intersection in Shanghai by NetEase. China is often accused of being Big Brother and this won’t help its cause; we can only hope this is an extraordinary exception to the rule rather than the rule itself. One has to wonder, what are Chinese citizens doing to deserve 60 security cameras in a single spot looking down on them like an eagle. And why 60? You would think a few cameras (read: less than 10) would be enough to properly monitor an intersection. Heck, maybe even 20. But 60? Sounds like beyond overkill to me.

According to HugChina, only 24 cameras were installed originally. However, at a later date, 37 more were installed. Strangely enough, the company that installed thee cameras claim it is for the purpose of monitoring traffic flow. Over 60 cameras to monitor traffic flow? That’s cute.

Furthermore, China did nothing to hide these cameras, they are just out there swinging about for everyone to see. A decent Big Brother would consider what the citizens might think of such atrocity, and thus make plans to keep it a secret. But no, China doesn’t care about that at all.

By the way, have you realized that some of those cameras look like Nintendo Gameboy systems? That’s pretty cool China. Keep doing what you doing.

[via Hug China, image via NetEase]

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  • New Moon

    Not every singe one is a camera. Some are radar transceivers, infrared light sources, sound level meters (microphones), etc. Anyway, I agree, it’s just way too many.

  • Grantwhy

    It could also be a spot where they are testing different cameras/systems.

    or it could be that there are 30+ different agencies that want to watch that area and they can’t (or won’t) share video feed/computer systems :-p

    as the saying (sort of goes), given the choice between a government conspiracy or a government stuff up [incompetence] it is much more likely to be a stuff up :-)

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@Tom] Don’t forget about the street lights that spy on you, or the new toys they can use to track you in Seattle.

  • Tom

    It may seem odd, but this is coming to your country. Multiple cameras better enable mass face recognition in real time in dense crowds. A similar need exists on busy roadways for plate scanners.

    Expect to see these soon in all metro areas.