Vint Cerf, a father of the internet, believes privacy will continue to dwindle

vint cerf

Vint Cerf, who is credited by many with the title as one of the “fathers of the internet” believes that as time goes on and as social media continues to prosper, privacy will become something that is more and more difficult to achieve.

“Most of the experience with privacy is a result of our own behavior,” Cerf said. “Our social behavior is quite damaging to privacy. Technology has outraced our social intellect.”

Cerf made these comments during a speech he gave on online privacy, given at a workshop called the “Internet of Things”, which was put on by the US Federal Trade Commission.

It may be prudent to listen to him to. Cerf gained his “fathers of the internet” title for a reason. He worked at the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and worked alongside others on the model of the internet. He later when on to work for MCI where he an integral part of designing the first email system.

If nothing else we only have to look at our Facebook or Twitter boards and see all the things that our friends choose to share, especially our younger ones, though definitely not limited to just them, to see that he has a very valid point.

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