The results are in: Most dotTechies build their own computers, with Dell, no favorite, and HP following close behind

Two weeks ago I asked “What is your favorite computer brand?”. The polls have now closed and the results are in – most dotTechies build their own computers:

[poll id=”10″]

If I do say so myself, I am surprised at the results. I expected Dell, HP, and no favorites to be at the top. However I truly did not expect that most dotTechies build their own computers. More power to us!

In my experience, building high-end machines yourself is cheaper than purchasing them from a company while purchasing low-end machines from a company is cheaper than building them yourself.

Thank you to everyone that participated. Feel free to voice any opinions on the matter below.

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  • Al Hall


  • Al Hall
  • sjamedee

    @Al Hall:

    Sweet!….where did you score that deal?

  • @Ron: The Aspire 6530. (see this picture. Mine doesn’t have the fingerprint reader on the touchpad.) It’s nice.

  • Al Hall

    Agreed…High end is best home built. Low end is usually cheaper at end of the model year.

    To the point, I just picked up an AMD quad core with 500gig HD and 4gigs of triplethreaded ram for $299 shipped.

  • Shankar

    Buying computer items individually and assembling them is not only cheaper but also the warranty is longer. For eg., Hard Disk’s warranty can be had for 5 years.

  • jumbi

    Just a note:
    The initial page had already many useful comments.
    The results are no surprise to me, as most readers here are “researchers” :-)

    Interesting point Ashraf, the different aproach between low and high end machines, I do agree.

    Nevertheless, I insist, that if you want reliability, go for a brand.

    I have about 100 business customers (from medium to multinational companies) and only 2 of them “built” their high end servers…

  • Ron


    Which model Acer did you get? I’ve got a Lenovo that’s about three years old with 3GB and XP Pro. I could up the RAM and install Win 7, but I’m curious about yours.

  • This Acer laptop would be a truly hard to build on the cheap machine. Not only is it a laptop, it has a beautiful, crisp 17″ display (wide screen HD 720p)and a built in webcam/microphone and 4GB of RAM and a 2.2GHz processor and a consumer-grade feel and… yeah I could go on and on. I needed a computer that was a laptop and a nice screen, but was easily transportable, and an added extra was a 2nd HDD bay, now with a harddrive and Windows 7 RC. I love this thing! For the price ($649) it would be hard to get a comparable desktop system (or laptop), custom or not, at this price.