Ask dotTechies: Would you pay to visit your favorite website, and if so, how much?

3-4 months ago the Internet was buzzing with the news that News Corp, a media publication company which owns and operates many popular Internet destinations like The Wall Street Journal, would start charging for the content on its online properties by 2010. Many people were up in arms, some predicating the down fall of News Corp. I am curious to see what dotTechies think of the matter. Think about your favorite website. It can be any type of website: a news website, a blog, a forum, etc. If that website decided to start charging a subscription fee, would you pay it?

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Don’t worry. dotTech will never barricade itself behind a subscription wall inshAllah. I am just curious as to what people think. Personally, I can’t see myself paying a subscription for any website at the moment.

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