Russian copyrights emoticon

How much would you pay for a ;-)? A Russian businessman has trademarked the emoticon – or combination of punctuation marks – used to convey a wink in text messages and email.

Oleg Teterin, president of the mobile ad company Superfone, said Thursday he doesn’t plan on tracking down individual users following the decision by the federal patent agency.

“I want to highlight that this is only directed at corporations, companies that are trying to make a profit without the permission of the trademark holder,” he said in comments to NTV.

Companies will be sent legal warnings… 

 – BrisbaneTimes

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Back in my day we woulda jus fly-ed a B52 ‘n bomb da tarnations outa those damn commies. Those youngin’ in da White House dun know how to get things dun. Lettin’ da commies take we’s freedum o speech away, ba humbug!

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