iPhone 5c to be sold for $27… with two-year contract


It is customary of Apple to make smartphones that only cater to high-end customers, but this year it changed paths and released iPhone 5c for the not-high-end market. However, iPhone 5c hasn’t been much successful and as a result Apple had told its manufacturing partners to cut down the production of iPhone 5c in the last months of 2013.

As a result of iPhone 5c’s deepening unpopularity, Walmart in the USA will start selling iPhone 5c with 2 year contracts for just $27 starting this coming Friday. On Walmart’s Black Friday sale, Walmart was selling iPhone 5c for just $45, and now it has planned to go down even further.

In addition, Walmart will sell other Apple products at relatively cheaper prices. iPhone 5s with 2 year contract for $127 and iTunes gift cards for $25. The sale will start this Friday, 13th of December, and last till 24th December. Quite a shopping spree for Apple aficionados.

[via yahoo.com]

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