Mark Zuckerberg will pay more than $1 billion in tax this year, pays more tax than most people make in a lifetime

mark zuckerberg

It looks like Mark Zuckerberg will be paying around $2 billion in taxes this year and that is twice what he paid last year.

The man who started Facebook will be selling 41.4 million of its shares, which is in the ball park of $2.3 billion, and reportedly the majority of the proceeds will go to paying off taxes. That payment accounts for about 4% of the entire collected income tax for the state of California in 2012.

Since the IRS doesn’t provide a ranking for the people that the pay the most in taxes, but Zuckerberg is probably in the running for one of the top spots, especially considering the fact that in just the past two years he will have paid around $3 billion in taxes overall.

Though it isn’t as if Zuckerberg is exactly suffering from this massive tax bill. Facebook is still incredibly successful and has become an integral part of society in some respects, and despite the fact that we all have those friends who have sworn it off, it continues to have an incredible amount of people on it. Also, the fact that Zuckerberg’s net worth exceeds $27 billion is another reason why he’ll probably be alright.

Still, it is one hell of a tax bill.

[via NBC News, image via TechCrunch’s Flickr]

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