The results are in: Most dotTechies (90%+) will not pay to visit their favorite website

Noticing the most recent trend of popular online destinations putting up a pay wall to try to raise revenue, last month (yes it has been a while since I have posted an Ask dotTechies) I asked dotTechies if anyone would pay to visit their favorite website, and if so, how much. Well the poll has (finally) closed and the results are in: an astounding – but not surprising number – of dotTechies would not pay anything to visit their favorite website:

[poll id=”11″]

It is interesting to note, though, that a handful of dotTechies would pay to visit their favorite website with 4 even claiming they would pay “anything” that was asked of them.

Thank you everyone for participating and see you in the next Ask dotTechies poll!

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  • Fred Smith

    Know this is old but felt like having my say anyway.

    If a website, like DotTech, were to offer really exclusive and top notch commercial/shareware software for a nominal membership fee then I feel that would attract many members. Perhaps one of the best offers I’ve seen over the years had to have been ‘WinPatrol’ priced at just 99 cents. Now if there were offers like that as well as software for free that was not available elsewhere, then I’m pretty sure I’d become a member.

  • Why this question Ashraf? Are you thinking of bringing a paid model or what. :) {Just kidding lol!}

  • Pwnana

    Those results are probably a pretty good indication of the rest of the web. I would much rather be famous and loved by even a small crowd for giving great free content than be rich from giving great pay content.

  • Wheezer

    Yeah, what Maddog said, +1.

  • Mike

    Can you imagine your monthly bill, if each of the websites you visit regularly charged?

  • Maddog

    Please don’t take the results personally Ashraf my friend.If you give something for free i.e. your time then people will expect you to continue to do so.Hopefully in the near future I will be in a position to donate to my favourite website ,but just because I haven’t yet does not mean I do not appreciate everything you do here.