Denver Post launches new site that reviews… marijuana


Just before shops selling cannabis open in Denver, the Denver Post has launched a new site dedicated to the marijuana subject with The Cannabist.

It is a bold move and interesting to see a “legitimate” news source supporting a site that focuses on marijuana. Reportedly the site will contain reviews of marijuana strains as well as products sold, news stories which focus on marijuana, and even food recipes.

The launch of The Cannabist is another signal of the shifting of the mentality towards marijuana in America. Still the fact remains that in many states its’ still an illegal offense to have or sell it. And it still remains a schedule 1 drug on the controlled substances act, where it stands alongside drugs such as heroin, MDMA, LSD and Peyote. So don’t get too happy yet.

[via The Verge, image via Lee J Haywood’s flickr]

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  • kramden

    might not be rubbish, the snails seem to eat a little and then just wander off… like they were stoned or something.

    I am not now, nor have i ever been an employee/connected in any direct way or stand to gain financially from the aforementioned snails. although i have been called a slug but, further elaboration would be beyond the scope of this disclaimer.
    “thank you for your continued support, please pull up to the second window”

  • Mike S.

    [@Darcy] If I recall correctly, the federal government has said that it will not enforce federal law with regard to one’s personal use (in Colorado)–but it did not say likewise with regard to the sale of marijuana, such as by Colorado-legal retail establishments. This is how a government should act?

  • Curiously enough the new “legal” use of marijuana is still illegal. Weed is illegal by Federal law, and state laws can’t override that. Doubt the Feds will try to stop it though, it’s a tacit way of gauging public reaction before they make it legal on the federal level. Only if there is a lot of flack over it will the feds step in.

  • Mike S.

    [@Alwin] By very mellow snails. ;^)

  • Alwin

    Hopefully slowly governments worldwide will awake and stop making insane fuzz about this Holy Herb!

    It’s given by God for us to use and seriously everybody should have a suck now and then to make us stop all our human bullshit and agression.

    The plant on the photo is rubbish btw, it’s a male and doesn’t have any buds. Beside this it’s half eaten by snails, hahahehehurrrp.