Aurora headband gives you the power to control your dreams


Dreams are basically out of our control at this point. Sometimes we have good dreams, sometimes we have nightmares and sometimes we have no dreams at all. And because we’re usually unaware that we’re in a dream, we don’t always have power over what happens in these dreams. iWinks is hoping to change that with the Aurora, a headband that will supposedly let you control and even enhance your dreams.

Since dreaming mostly happens during the REM stage of your sleep, the Aurora works by measuring things like your brainwaves, body activity and eye movement to determine your current sleep cycle. When it detects that you’ve entered the REM stage, the headband uses a combination of lights and sounds to alert you that you are currently a dream. The idea is that if you’re aware that you’re in a dream and not living real-life, you can attempt things you wouldn’t otherwise, ideally bringing that newfound experience to the real world afterwards.

The Aurora can also influence dreams by playing particular sounds, like the sound of waves to transport you to the ocean in your dreams. Finally, it also functions as an alarm clock that can wake you up during the most appropriate sleep cycle — so you feel more rested than weary when you wake.

iWinks’ “dream-enhancing” Aurora headband is currently on Kickstarter with 15 days ago, but has healthily passed its funding mark. The Aurora will begin shipping in June of this year.

[via KickstarterTechBeat]

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  • Yochanan

    Indeed, the power of lucid dreaming. I still haven’t mastered it, but it’s quite fun if you can. You don’t need a device to do this, but claims to accomplish the same goal: realize your dreaming by doing something in the dream like flipping a light switch or clapping your hands. It can be anything as long as you remember. Once you do, it won’t wake you up as it won’t be a surprise.

  • Eric989

    I can just see people pleading not guilty to a crime because they thought they were dreaming because they kill their wife every night in their dreams.

    This isn’t as good as it sounds anyway. At one point in my life I trained myself to realize I was dreaming on a pretty regular basis. The problem is that once you realize you are dreaming your dream starts to fall apart very quickly and you don’t have time to do anything interesting.

    The main exception to this is some nightmares where I realize I am dreaming but there is nothing I can do but get killed anyway. It is reassuring that it is a dream but it is still an unpleasant situation and I am stuck there trying to wake up which I do by forcing my consciousness back into my sleeping body and trying to open my real life eyes.

    I can really only remember one dream in which I actually accomplished anything useful and that was in a series of dreams in which men in helicopters would kill me at my house. They would kill me with mounted machine guns while I was on my back porch or if I managed to make it inside they would be lowered down by ropes and enter my house and kill me. Finally, in one of these dreams I realized that it was a dream and decided to take action instead of just hide until they found and killed me. I managed to kill all of them and what is really strange is that I never had those helicopter dreams again. The dead helicopter people stayed dead.