Intel announces Edison, a full computer the size of an SD card


In his keynote address at CES 2014, Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, announced a new line of products that focus on smart technology, and among them is the Intel Edison.

Intel Edison is a 400 Mhz board with dual-core CPU, Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi, its own app store, and is capable of running Linux. You could, in theory, hook up the Edison to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and use it like a regular computer. But the best part? It is the size of an SD card. Yes, really.

The company states on their site that through “the unique combination of small size, power, and rich capabilities makes the Intel Edison board a game changer, lowering the barriers to entry for thousands of visionaries. Intel Edison board-powered devices can cooperate in highly customized and sophisticated ways. These devices don’t have to be hardwired one-trick ponies; they can house multiple apps that can be downloaded and installed just like we do with phones and tablets.”

Krzanich¬† has said the Edison will be available in “the middle of 2014.” Price is yet unknown but we doubt it will be too high — otherwise Raspberry Pi, the $35 competitor to Edison, will laugh its way into out pockets.

[via Wired, Intel, image via huangjiuhui’s flickr]

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