Hotel lets you walk past check-in desk and unlock your room with a smartphone


Starwood Hotels & Resorts will soon begin a pilot program that will let hotel guests use their smartphones as a means to check-in and also as a hotel room key. ¬†Ideally, this would mean that you could skip the check-in desk altogether and go straight to your hotel room, which I’m sure many would agree sounds incredibly convenient. The app, called the Starwood Preferred Guest app, will be updated to leverage Bluetooth and make this functionality possible. According to the company, the iPhone 4S or newer or Android devices running 4.3 or later will be compatible.

Only two hotels will be part of this pilot program initially (Manhattan and Silicon Valley), but if successful the company plans to roll it out across all its locations by the of 2015. Let’s hope Starwood doesn’t run into any issues (hint: security-related) and that this becomes the hotel norm in a couple of years.

[via WSJ]

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  • Mike S.

    A front desk person can get you a better room, maybe even one that doesn’t overlook the back alley.

  • Ashraf

    What happens when your smartphone runs out of battery?

    While I like all these new smartphone-related innovations, they fail to address the biggest issue with smartphones: we have yet to figure out how to make our smartphone batteries run forever. While there has been progress made in regards to better and better battery life — e.g. a day of battery with “normal” use — there is still the very large possibility of someone running out of juice when they need to use their smartphone for something, such as opening the door. This is also the reason why I don’t use my smartphone as a boarding pass when flying.

    So I agree with Mike. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Mike S.

    Thank you, but no, I don’t want this as my norm and I would like to check in with a live human being, to best meet my needs.