New Microsoft ad, ‘Child of the 90s’, makes me want to try Internet Explorer again [Video]


If were a child of the 90s, heck, if you lived through the 90s, Microsoft’s latest ad for Internet Explorer might be a fun nostalgia trip. The ‘Child of the 90s’ ad goes through many of the things that you’ll instantly remember from the decade, most of which you’ll have fond memories of. Floppy disks, Oregon Trail, Tamagotchis and a different kind of troll — they’re all here.

Saying that Internet Explorer has grown up too is a nice marketing message from Microsoft, and even if it’s not enough to convert those entrenched in other browsers, perhaps it could convince others to at least give IE another try.

I’m just glad our internet isn’t that slow anymore.

[via Internet Explorer]

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  • jimx29

    To bad MS couldn’t afford to host that video on their own dime.


    Hey Friends, I just want to say that IE10 or IE11 is definitely Fast enough to compete with Chrome, and in some cases even faster than it. Though there are some rediculous problems like GMAIL not working on IE10 or Not Enough Apps and Add Ons, But other than these problems, If You are just Browsing Articles or Downloading Documents, IE has really become Faster than before. AT LEAST GIVE IT A TRY & YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  • Cool ad. But it tells me nothing about whether IE has “grown up”, or it belongs in the past. Another MS Fail, like the ads that basically say their tablets are great for breakdancing and nothing else.

    If they compile it for Linux I’ll try it, though. Just for old time’s sake.