California wants Google to move their barge in the San Fransisco Bay


Apparently the state of California was also surprised by Google’s barge in the San Fransisco Bay, and have ordered it to be moved.

They have told the developers of Treasure Island that the barge does not have the proper permits and needs to move. The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) received a letter on Friday from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (SFBCDC), which told them that they would have to move or they would face penalties.

“No permit has been issued to anybody for any activities at Pier 1 or on the adjacent shoreline,” said Larry Goldzband, who is the executive director of the SFBCDC. “We have started an enforcement action with regard to activities at the pier and shoreline.”

“The enforcement action would go away if the barge is moved to a properly permitted facility,” he added. “There are a number of them throughout the bay. We have offered to work with them to find a properly permitted place.”

Google has been very secretive about their designs for the barge and their response to the fact that they’re being told to move is also less than informative as well. “We just received the letter from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission and we are reviewing it,” said a Google rep in an email.

[via SFGate]

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