Xbox One getting Twitch streaming, multiplayer and social upgrades in time for Titanfall on March 11th


Right on time. Titanfall, the Xbox One’s biggest game yet and Microsoft’s best chance to catch up with Sony, is launching on March 11th. Microsoft isn’t taking any chances and is making sure that their console is ready for the influx of multiplayer gaming and new players that will come when the game launches.

Earlier this month, the Xbox One received an update that added some minor but welcome features to the console’s OS, as well as tweaking the controller specifically for Titanfall. Next month, when the game launches, Microsoft will be issuing another update for the console which will include:

• Twitch streaming. Disappointing absence at launch but finally coming.

• A more prominent friends list. Friends list will be “front and center” on the homepage of the friends app, as it should’ve been.

• Party chat on by default.

• The ability to chat with friends playing different games.

• “Invite friends to game” option being added to multiplayer titles

• Recent players list. This should make it easier to add new friends.

The updates will roll out in early March according to Microsoft, and Twitch streaming will come on March 11th.

[via Xbox]

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