Android tablets outsold the iPad in 2013


It was only a matter of time; research from Gartner has revealed that Android tablets have finally outsold the iPad in 2013. Gartner reports that more than 121 million Android tablets were sold in 2013 alone, while the iPad sold approximately 70 million units.

The sales were enough to push the Android tablet marketshare far ahead to 61.9 percent, with the iOS slate now trailing with only 36 percent. However, the increased sales and marketshare did not translate into higher profits for Android tablet manufacturers. In fact, the reason for the dominance in marketshare was due to the proliferation of affordable, low-end devices.

Now that more Android tablets are in consumers’ hands, hopefully Google follows it up with increased support or incentive for tablet-optimized apps, an area where the iPad still dominates.

[via Gartner, Engadget]

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