Free Glary Utilities Pro!

Similar to WinUtilities, Glary Utilities is a jack-of-all-trades system optimization/maintenance software. Here are the features of Glary Utilities as per the developer:

Glary Utilities comes in two flavors: Glary Utilities Free and Glary Utilities Pro. The main differences between the two flavors as per the developer are that Glary Utilities Pro comes with:

  • Automatic care in background
  • Enhanced system fixing, optimizing and more
  • Free 24×7 Technical Support
  • Consent for commercial use is running a promotion (it is probably a time limited promotion so grab this as soon as you can) where everyone can get Glary Utilities Pro for free! This promotion comes with 6 months of free updates, after which users either need to start using Glary Utilities Free or purchase Glary Utilities Pro.

To get Glary Utilities Pro for free, follow these simple directions:

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7

Version being given out for free: v2.20.0.831

Free updates: For 6 months only

  • After you have downloaded it, install it. The installer will be in German, so follow these screenshots if you don’t understand German:

  • After you have finished installing, run Glary Utilities Pro. The program will be in German. The following screenshots show you how to change it to English:

  • Enjoy! (There is no registration required.)

If you have any trouble getting Glary Utilities Pro for free, post below and I will try to help.

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  • I suddenly have a window pop up when I try to open Glary that asks me if I want to allow a program from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer, and it says
    Program Name: Integrator.exe
    Publisher Unknown
    File origin: Hard drive on this computer

    Don’t know what to do. Don’t know whether or not this is Glary.

  • Kathy

    trojan picked up by McAfee

  • I had a very bad experience with this :(
    I used Glary Utilites to cleanup my system including registry and first my OutLook and Word started crashing.
    Administrator in my office tried to fix it, even by re-installing and un-installing then installing whole Microsoft Office 2007, but in vain.
    Even after re-installing Windows XP + Sp3, Windows stopped responding.
    Fortunately I had an old Norton Ghost Image of my installation and I had to restore that and now installing all updates from scratch :(.
    I mostly use Tuneup Utilities and CcCleaner but never faced any such problem.
    Did anyone else had face such problem?

  • Fred Smith

    As comment number 25 by Fred said, this appears to be no longer available. Went to the link but could not find the “ZUM DOWNLOAD”.
    Hope this become available again soon.

  • Outdated. :-(
    But doesn´t matter since i won a lifetime license for the pro version. :-]

  • Mike

    @Ashraf: No prob., I assumed it was a spammer/wanker.  Amazing, that this is all the person has time for …

  • Ashraf

    @Mike: My apologies for not deleting that comment earlier. It has been removed now. That person keeps spamming dotTech for some reason o_O – that is I think the 4th or 5th comment I have removed of his/hers.

  • Mike

    @joji’s a wank:  Actually, I found Joji’s info. helpful and thank him for his postings.

  • chinaguy

    So has anyone successfully updated this freebie yet?

  • Mike

    I already had downloaded the file but not yet installed it; I now see that the deal is expired. Does anyone know, can I still install the downloaded file? (I’m assuming so, from what I read about the install process.)

  • jumbi

    now expired…

  • Sam

    Looks like the offer expired already :(

  • giovanni

    Nice freebie but, as far as I know, the FREE version of GLARY UTILITIES is pretty much the same as the PRO version apart from the Automatic care option in background

    Not a great deal for 40 bucks, is it?

    So if you use this tool as on demand scanner, as I believe 99% of people usually do, I can’t see any reason to upgrade to the PRO version.

    Anyway thanks for this post, Ashraf!

  • Merlin

    In my experience, you can always update Glarys Pro by downloading the Glarys Free update.

  • gpc111

    Hello everyone. I got Glary Pro from GAOTD a long time ago. I freely update it and it always stays the pro version registered to GAOTD. Not sure about this version.

    As for the update… when a new version is available you are taken to a page to download it. It’s labeled a trial but it installs the full version. At least it does on mine.

  • DP

    Like DrLongBear mentions, when you try to update (supposedly 6 months free updates) it says Trial. Has anyone tried to update yet? If someone does, please reply back to let us know what happened and if status of Glary Pro Lifetimes remains or does it now get change to “Trial” version?

  • mario

    hummmm… I don´t really get it : do you mean this is good only during 6 months and that after that it stops working, or it just it´s not apdated anymore but still keeps on functioning?

  • reneeautumn

    I have enjoyed and appreciated your analysis and comments for sometime and now I have added your site to my yahoo “personalized” page(rss feed).

    I’m currently using Glary free and grabbed winpatrol for 99¢ + use ccleaner & eusing(free).

    I have many tech sites that I check each day, but Gizmo and you are my favs.

    As I am happy with Glary free, I will pass on Pro.

    But,good get.

  • alan


    I think it better to wait a few minutes whilst it takes 95% of the CPU,
    than if it took 10 times as long using only 10% of the CPU.

    I guess that it might be convenient if you always had 90% to yourself and Glary fixed things in the background – but is that safe ?

    I would have concerns that if I was doing something significant, such as installing an application, then half way through the installation Glary might see the application as broken and wipe out chunks of what has just been installed.


  • @DrLongBear & Mike & vhick:

    Although the standard upgrade link includes a “free trial” descriptor, the Glary Utilities Pro start screen Status Tab states that the CHIP– license “never” expires.  More to the point, I just upgraded to without incident…

    …and thank you, too, Ashraf, for finding and sharing this…

  • vhick

    This is great! Another Glary Utilities Promotion. But the bad is the serial is built-in. So I think its not upgradeable or can’t update. I am correct?

    Thanks sir Ashraf..

  • But I like one of its feature i.e. Context Menu Manager.
    As I’m very fond of different software tools and so as my Context Menu is getting longer and longer,
    now I have some options to keep or remove an entry from context menu at different locations i.e. Folder, files,etc :)

    However, it still take good amount of CPU resources. :(

  • Mike

    Yep, noticed that–a good reason to install this version over an earlier one.

  • Did anyone noticed that its process Integrator.exe takes 95+ % of CPU when scanning for issues?

    ccleaner and tuneup utilities doesn’t consume CPU that much..

    thumbs down from my side :(

  • DrLongBear

    When you check for updates, the program opens a web page for the newest version of Glary Utilities, which is a “TRIAL” version…beware…

  • Joji

    @Mike: You can install it over an earlier version of Glary Utilities, only your product key for GAOTD will be erased and will be replaced by CHIP instead.


  • Joji

    *such as “StartUp Delayer” which screwed up…


  • Mike

    Many thanks for this–this gets Glary more up-to-date than the last GAOTD Glary offering, and has updates for half a year besides!

    Does anyone know, can this be installed over an earlier Glary version, or does the earlier version need to be unistalled first?

  • Joji

    Glary Utilities has some glitched up apps such as “StartUp Delayer” screwed up my system a bit…