Untangling Syria creates a visualisation of the conflict


If you’re having a hard time understanding the conflict in Syria, don’t worry, because the website Untangling Syria is there to help.

The website was created by Scott Field, who is the Middle East manager for Skoll Global Threats Fund and a political analyst, and Eric Berlow, an ecological network scientist.

“At the moment we’re just trying to present a simplified and coherent visual narrative so the general reader can understand — and keep coming back as it’s refreshed — to have an ongoing picture of what the conflict looks like and how it’s developing,” said Scott Field, said to Wired.

“The aspiration is it may develop into something that would help regional diplomats, people actually involved in the conflict itself, to have new insights and know how to solve some of the regional problems and conflicts themselves,” Field added.

Despite all the work they’ve done on the site, Field admits that there is always more work to be done, and data to be processed.

“Certainly we’ve realised the underlying data is not perfect, really this is an experiment,” Field also admits. “This has never really been done before, and we’re hoping to refine it on an ongoing basis.”

[via Wired]

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