Google Glass saved a man’s life in hospital, says doctor

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The future of wearable technology is bright. It might take time before wearable devices other than smartwatches become common but Google seems to lead when it comes to smart glasses. We’ve seen the Google Glass in action. We hear a lot of both good and bad things about it but I’d like to focus on its advantages. I believe that technology can be a useful tool so never mind if it can sometimes harm us.

For one, each pair of Google Glass can be used for many things. You can search for information or check e-mail while on the move. Instead of checking your laptop, tablet, or phone, you can just wear your glasses and see what’s new. Right now, it’s facing legal issues related to a driving with Google Glass ban. We also learned NYPD is testing it to fight crimes. Senator Al Franken even wants to limit facial recognition in the Google Glass app. It’s been a crazy year for the Google Glass team but I’m determined to get myself a pair of Google Glass prescription glass for only $225.

The Google Glass technology is also expected to be used in the medical field. Just recently, Dr. Steven Horng of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, has started to use the Google smartglass while while working on a man with a bleeding brain. What happened was, Dr. Horng knew little about the patient and his medical history but with the use of Glass, he was able to retrieve relevant information that turned out to be beneficial to his work — specifically information about allergies. In other words, Glass helped saved the man’s life.

The wearable device by Google was used by Dr. Horng to check the history of the patient. That’s one advantage and seems like Google will push forward that feature by showcasing what the Glass can do for you at work. Developers are encouraged to work on software and apps for businesses and companies soon.

Google is said to be giving away pairs of Google Glass to hospitals, medical centers, sports teams, oil workers, and various organizations. This is one way of promoting that Google Glass can do wonders to anyone.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s use of the Google Glass will expand soon. Dr. Horng says this wearable device would help doctors to quickly access information, allowing them to serve the patient without any interruption. For the ER doctors, information of the patients can soon be accessed via the QR codes on hospital rooms so they easily know what to do, what to advise, and give diagnosis or treatment advice.

The version of Google Glass doctors are using include a special software. A pair runs a different version of Android developed by a firm called Wearable Intelligence. It connects to the Internet via WiFi at the hospital only. Doctors cannot take it off the medical center’s network though.

[via The Verge ]

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