The results are in: Many dotTechies are freeware adicts, while others still pull out the checkbook sometimes

Three weeks ago I inquired about dotTechies’ software purchasing habits. The polls have closed and the results are in:

[poll id=”14″]

[poll id=”15″]

I expected that the most votes would go for 0-3 purchases. However, I was surprised that so many people voted that dotTech had no effect on their purchasing habits; and here I thought dotTech was like a life saving pill (that you take over and over) =D.

Thank you everyone for participating and see you in the next Ask dotTechies!

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  • drtank

    @ Ashraf: Dont lose heart man. Seriously !!
    Just  for your record i would say -that I have been following your site almost daily, rightly told by Ron as a camp fire, since more than 6 months. Before that my computer ran on 99.99 % pirated software (.01% comprised Yahoo messenger & Gtalk). Reason being obvious. But today 99.99% software on my computer are original & Freeware. All courtesy to you as you provided the best free alternative and for last 6 months my system hadn’t crashed once and also boots up very fast.
    So keep the NOBLE work going !!!!

  • Blackbird

    You should also ask the amount (Approx.) Spent! I purchased…
    1.) Acronis 2009 home,
    2.) Superantispyware, &
    3.) WinPatrol Plus.

    I spent less than $10.00 TOTAL for all three!
    I found these thanks to you & Gizmo. (

  • Oh, but Ashraf, you *have* changed my software habits.  I can get enough things as freebies (and spend little enough time vetting which ones are any good!) that I can spend money on the specific software that is best gotten for paid licenses.  It allows me to have more quality software, I believe, by far, free and paid both!  I rely on your reviews a lot.
    Give yourself more credit! :)

  • Ashraf…dotTech is not just for freeware…it’s also for great computer advice!

  • Hi Ashraf,
    Because I’m a foreigner on a non-immigrant B visa here in Southeast Asia, I cannot seem to get a credit card.
    Banks tell me they can’t risk giving a credit card to a foreigner on a one-year renewable visa since…well, they just might max the thing out and skip town.  Seems like a reasonable rule they have, and I can’t blame them.  I have managed to secure a loan through a company called First Choice, but it was a paperwork nightmare that I wouldn’t care to ever go through again.  Since I don’t have a Thai ID card, and don’t possess a Thai “Number” it was a real mess just to try and pay them, since I’d have to fill out these incredible forms and have them faxed to first choice.  But, it ended up working and I acquired my SVOA computer that way.
    Not having a credit card, for me, is actually a godsend since living here it’s hard to acquire books to read, and I’d probably go nuts on Amazon, driving my wife and I into debt fast.  So, I rely on all the Internet freebies whenever I can get ahold of them.
    dotTech is a great source, as is GAOTD and Game GAOTD (when it’s in operation).  So, thanks for keeping me out of debt Ashraf!!!

  • Joji

    Actually, I started going freebie hunting when I found out about AskVG. VG Shared freebies with his fans and I were able to get many awesome stuff. Then, one day, I typed in “free giveaways” on Google, and outcame GAOTD! I downloaded so many cool giveaways and I also saw reviews from this guy named “Ashraf”. Yes, you sir, dot.Tech also helped me A LOT, including GAOTD reivews, freebies, and other techie stuff! I also checked your sidebar once and wanted more! I soon found out about Also a very good site!
    Pretty much, thanks for everything dot.Tech for making part of my life so much better! :P

  • Ron

    Don’t be concerned about having so many readers respond “little or no  effect”. Remember, in a lot of cases, you’re preaching to a pretty geeky choir here. Many of us are long-time techies and are already familiar with the software we need/use/like. Besides, it ‘s my impression many of your articles relate to  the GOTD offerings and are quite valuable to readers who frequent that site. For myself, I have no interest in GOTD; it’s possible I’m not alone in that respect.
    What you really have done, in my opinion, is provide a meeting place for for like-minded folks to gather together. It’s a daily campfire and marshmallow for all, and you should take pride in that.
    Above all, recall there are no absolutes. Take that poll in six months or a year and see what results you get.  8-)