Ask dotTechies: What is the best freebie you have ever received?

Freebies are very popular on dotTech; and why shouldn’t they be? Everyone loves saving money thus everyone loves freebies. At this point in dotTech’s life – going to become 2 years old later this year – dozens of freebies have been posted. I am interested in knowing what freebies dotTechies consider to be the *best*. So, for this Ask dotTechies segment, I ask “What is the best freebie you have ever received?” The freebie does not have to be thanks to a dotTech “heads up” – it can be any freebie you received from anywhere. Like the last Ask dotTechies, there is no poll for this thread; rather please share your input via the comments below.

To get the ball rolling, I will share what I consider to be the best freebie I have ever received: WinPatrol Pro. No, I did not win WinPatrol Pro via a giveaway; Bill Pytlovany – the developer of WinPatrol – was kind enough to provide me with a free license because he appreciates the work I do on dotTech. (Maybe in the future dotTech and Bill can team up to sponsor a WinPatrol Pro giveaway, who knows.)

Now, it is your turn – what is the best freebie you have ever received?

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