Bing Cashback ending July 30th

For the past two years, or so, Microsoft has been running a cashback program trying to entice users to use their search engine, (originally known as Basically this cashback program, popularly known as Bing Cashback, allowed customers to receive X% of cashback on their online purchases if they visited online retailers through (See my earlier post on Bing Cashback for more detail if you don’t know what Bing Cashback is.)

It seems Micrsoft has bleed enough money trying to get people to use Bing, because the cashback program is now officially ending on July 30, 2010 9:00 p.m. PT. After July 30th, customers will still be able to receive the cashback they have already accumulated, but no one will be able to earn anymore cashback. ($5 withdrawal limit will be waived come July 31th.) See the official announcement page for more details.

The moral of the story? If you need to purchase anything online in the recent future, you may want to consider doing it before July 30th because Bing Cashback can really help you save; I know for sure I plan on using the 8% cashback on eBay buy-it-now items before the 30th.

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