Ask dotTechies: Anyone experiencing freebies overload?

Since dotTech went back into action three weeks ago, there have been a lot of freebies posted. The reason for this is multi-fold, but one of the biggest reasons is I am focusing more of my time on finding and posting about freebies than other aspects of dotTech. Why? Over the two years of dotTech’s life span (yes, we are two years old now) I have noticed freebies are the most preferred type of posts. In other words, more people read freebie articles than any other ones (aside from maybe GOTD reviews).

Now I am no psychologist or psychiatrist but I believe this has to do with the human psyche and how we find shareware products available for free more attractive than always-free products (i.e. freeware)… even if a freeware product is top-quality and the freebie is terrible. Whatever the reason behind it, fact is fact: People like knowing about freebies. However, what is the limit? Is there a saturation point? Will dotTechies always desire freebies or is there a point where everyone will experience “freebies overload”? I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure am interested in finding out the answer to this question. So, please share with us your viewpoint on this matter by casting your vote in the poll below and posting your opinion in the comments!

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