Ask dotTechies: Anyone experiencing freebies overload?

Since dotTech went back into action three weeks ago, there have been a lot of freebies posted. The reason for this is multi-fold, but one of the biggest reasons is I am focusing more of my time on finding and posting about freebies than other aspects of dotTech. Why? Over the two years of dotTech’s life span (yes, we are two years old now) I have noticed freebies are the most preferred type of posts. In other words, more people read freebie articles than any other ones (aside from maybe GOTD reviews).

Now I am no psychologist or psychiatrist but I believe this has to do with the human psyche and how we find shareware products available for free more attractive than always-free products (i.e. freeware)… even if a freeware product is top-quality and the freebie is terrible. Whatever the reason behind it, fact is fact: People like knowing about freebies. However, what is the limit? Is there a saturation point? Will dotTechies always desire freebies or is there a point where everyone will experience “freebies overload”? I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure am interested in finding out the answer to this question. So, please share with us your viewpoint on this matter by casting your vote in the poll below and posting your opinion in the comments!

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  • Daniel Lovejoy

    I like the freebies, as well as the other articles, but Ashraf – it wouldn’t hurt to go outside every now and then. :-)

  • a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and all,

    I’ve been changing Isps and been offline for nearly 48hours and come in on this debate about freebies a day or 2 late.

    My Dad used to have a shed filled with allsorts of stuff that he had found over the years in skips etc and it was all good stuff like a dozen Utility Knives of all different brands, sizes shapes and weights, half a dozen different flashlights, 15 assorted cameras, 5 lawn mowers etc etc and my point is that he never ever paid a penny for a tool or machine because he always “found” or put together what he needed from the “free” stuff he had in his shed.

    In fact I accidentally overheard him talking to my mum once about how that particular Christmas us kids were only getting the presents we wanted because of the money they had saved from him doing this all year.

    It appears that I may be a bit like my Dad ‘cos like a good many dotTechies I have half a dozen of this program, four or five of another type and two or three of a few others but i do not have them all installed using memory and taking up resources.

    I’ve installed a second hard drive and put in separate OS partitions for the three OS’s I have and a data partition and a storage/download partition for spare applications I have waiting to be checked out and another one for applications I have already checked out and found to have something about them that I can use at sometime in the future.

    Even though i know Paragon keep all details in a user account for us I have about a dozen Paragon freebies all sitting nicely each in their own separate folder in a main Paragon Folder.

    Each application has a link to any review by Ashraf (or annyone else I can get one from if Ashraf hasn’t done one for that particular application) in its folder along with its original download link and a wordpad/office/pdf file with its serial number/registration details and email address that I used to get it from the offer site.

    I systematically work my way through these products a number at a time each day when i can and I end up keeping some and painfull though it may be I erase and delete some because I’ve found they are not as good as others or even for quite simple reasons like the license period has run out or because the GUI lettering is difficult to read or the colour scheme is garish or I just can’t figure how it works no matter how I try.

    But I know that by doing this, finding and trialing freebies, I allow my kids to go to the movies every week and hang out with their friends at the mall with enough pocket money/allowance that they don’t have to worry too much about where their next doughnut or burger is coming from etcetera.

    Apart from the biggest fact that it has become a bit of an addiction, and (some would say sadly) I get a real buzz from finding something like NEt Objects Fusion 10 priced £130/$180 for free and passing it on to Ashraf and to others at dotTech through him.


    I read some more replies, and as duanebb comment on, that it would be nice to see some ratings for the program/software that you review – Like the GoTD reviews… Maybe put it up against some of the top software you reviewed/comment on – Just to see if its worth the shot. I know that you dont have the time for analysing everything but was thinking a bit like the “Free JetDrive 2010 Professional!” review. It would be nice for people like me who followed your site for quite some time now, that I was rated lets say as how good it was agianst MyDefrag, or a comment of what you think… The freebies that fills the site, is nothing more then a guide on how to get them and install them i think. And I would like a bit more then that.

    Otherwise id say get some fresh air and relax – and keep up the work you doin

  • Nite Owl

    Ashraf, I’m just very glad you are back! I, for one, have missed your posts. (I didn’t vote, my preferred answer was not there, but I believe Eric’s comment echos my feelings precisely.)

  • @Dan: Gismo’s is a great site, but DotTech fills a different need. Sourceforge is the third leg of the stool; after that, you don’t need to bother with any other freeware sites.

  • Eric

    Thank you for your efforts. I’ve missed your contributions and glad to see you back. dotTech postings have both helped and educated me a great deal.
    Here are my priorities for freeware postings on dotTech:
    1) Make sure you have a life, but as much as possible work on giving us good freeware and GOTD reviews
    2) I rarely use programs that run for a limited time period. If I’m going to load and get used to a certain program I want to keep using it. There are enough freeware solutions around that a limited time offer doesn’t appeal. However, if a program is unique or very good I would reconsider.
    3) I usually do not load programs (free or pay) that have not been tested, reviewed (preferably against other similar programs), and get good comments. I want to have a system that works well rather that have a lot of possibilities that fragment issues or cause problems.
    So in summary I vote for less freeware so that more time can go to reviews.

  • karen

    @Neil Berman:

    Keep Paragon for an image backup and GFI for a file-level backup. As long as you have those two types, you should be covered. Unless you want to go the cloud storage route.

  • rosem

    I voted Ashraf go outside, but just to keep you healthy so the freebies can keep on coming.
    I love freebies, but am a slow learner and I am forcing myself to not go for a new freebie until I really understand and use or uninstall the last one.

    So that takes a while.

    Thanks Ashraf not only for posting those freebies but above all for discussing them in terms even I can understand!! I love this site.

  • Ashraf

    @Philippe: I understand that not everyone may have the time or patience to check out freebie offers. However, with all due respect, there is only so much I can do. As my parents used to (and still) tell me: “I can put the food in your mouth but I can’t make you chew.”

    I understand that you would like a “short description” of the program in the e-mail, but you also must understand without visits, dotTech would be nothing. Yes I like helping people but I also like running a successful website. Providing a link in e-mail is a way to get you to visit here and at the same time get rewarded for your efforts. So while I do apologize for the inconvenience, if you can’t/don’t want to click on the link to visit the post that details the freebie offering… I don’t know what to tell you.

    @Everyone: Thanks for the feedback! Based on what everyone is asking, I have restructured how I post about freebies and now offering some very quick advice on the available offer; the only exception is dotTech Promotions where I won’t be offering any advice since that would be a conflict of interest. Let’s take this by the ear and see how it goes. Please see for an example of this new format.

    Oh and don’t worry – the reviews and tips and tricks won’t stop.

  • catman

    Who does not like a decent freebie? Even more so if it has been researched as well as what Ashraf does!!
    I do not bother with GOTD anymore!
    When Ashraf does a review, I take a good look at what is on offer, if I can use it I download it.
    Anyone of my friends who might be looking for software etc, are always told to go and check out “Dotech” 1st.

    Many thanks for all the time and effort that you spend doing the research.

    On a personal note……….Ashraf go out and get some fresh air you deserve it!!

  • embee

    You should, of course, get a life, but I’m sure not going to push it ;-)

    Your reviews are the best part of the site. I certainly don’t have the time to do those write-ups, and can’t imagine that you do either, but the reviews are what make this site uniquely useful. It reminds me of the prehistoric reviews in PC Mag and PC World before they (or so it seems) sold out.

    The freebie info is great, but I don’t see the point of spending time dwelling on software that you know is really poor, or where there are known great freeware/open source solutions and the new offer doesn’t deliver a special advantage. Just mention this and give your opinion. The capsule reviews are still better than nothing.

    In short, keep the freebies coming, but devote your time to the added value.

  • Moseph Joseph

    There was a time when I downloaded and installed almost every freebie I came across, which resulted in me having a myriad of video converters, system utilities and backup programs installed. When I bought a new hard drive last year and made the move to Windows 7, I realized just how cluttered my system was with redundant software, most of which I never even used.

    These days I still take advantage of a good freebie, but only if it’s something that I have an immediate use for, and only if I don’t already have something of similar functionality installed. However, more often than not I opt for Open Source progs, which often do the job as well or better than a paid app.

    I enjoy seeing the freebies even if I don’t use them all, but it would also be nice to see some of the excellent free apps out there get a mention now and then too.

    In any case, much appreciation to Ashraf for his hard work maintaining this site!

  • duanebb

    Ashraf – Thank you for all your hard work.

    I like FREE! Keep it up.

    BUT (there is always a but or is it a butt) anyway – I wish there was a way you could rate them.
    I understand for the companies to keep giving the free software they want an even chance of getting the product/word out with out being told that xyz is better in the review.

    SO – Keep up the good work.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. :-)

  • Øyvind

    Perhaps one day, Photoshop will be offered here… I guess it would be a 5-minute-download-period only, no server would be able to handle the traffic.. :)

  • Obajoshi


    I just snagged a 1TB drive on sale. Yeah, Bring on the Freebies!

  • Obajoshi

    Even though freebies are always welcome, your reviews help people make an informed decision about a software. I think that a balance between freebies, reviews and your sanity(health) is appropriate. Personally, I do not care where the freebie is from or language. Technology knows no boundaries. Those developers from around the world are just as passionate about their software just as those in the English speaking countries. One has to be careful where they download from, regardless of country or language.
    With that said, Bring on the Freebies!


    This is the thing I do, when I make myself a cup of coffee… I sit back.. relaxing every fiber in my body. Im opening the website.. AND GOIN INSANE IN ALL THAT FREEBIE STUFF – I cant live without the daily/weekly dosis :P – So keep it commin ^^


  • Rick C.

    @Neil Berman: Neil what i would do is use each one and pick the one easiest for you to use and understand, and are there time restrictions. As for which one between Paragon, Ocster, Genie Timeline, GFI backup- Home edition, Double-Safety and Acronis. Have you ever used them all to see ?
    As you said bloat, so pick one and dump the others, you are the one that needs to be happy.

  • jayesstee

    @Philippe: Sorry Phillipe, but you contradict yourself. Adding a description (even “very short”, will eat into Ashraf’s life even further.
    If he is willing to write an article, then I’m willing to check out the article.
    Well done Ashraf, but don’t burn yourself out!

  • juan


  • tunchi_1939

    To Ashraf: I completely agree with #28 Gene Healy when says:
    “I’d rather have one good review or comparison than be advised of 10 freebies. My personal opinion of course. In any case, thank you very much for all you do for us.”

  • lucien p. locke

    Greetings Ashraf,

    Short note…thanks to you and your mates for all of the work you now do. The reviews are invaluable, takes out the guesswork on programs. Offers are plentiful and eclectic, your audience is smart and entertaining, and your site is well maintained. If there is one to many video converter programs …the delete key is easy enough…right?


  • Suze

    @Neil Berman: “I have 6 back-up programs because they were all free and each one sounded like it did something the others didn’t do. But they take up space and the files they generate in their intended operation take up a LOT of space. ( Anybody have an opinion as to what to get rid of when I have Paragon, Ocster, Genie Timeline, GFI backup- Home edition, Double-Safety and Acronis. )”

    Some of the programs you listed are for backing up data, files, and settings while others are for cloning (imaging a drive or partition), and I think you want to distinguish between them.

    For backing up, I use GFI’s predecessor, Titan (GotD), because it can deal with long filenames automatically, whereas GFI wants you to make some decisions (not a problem if you don’t have long filenames). Each can also back up email, email and OS settings, and other parameters, something that some other ‘back up’ programs do not. For cloning, I use Paragon (from GotD), though if I had Acronis, I might use it instead. I do a back up at the beginning of each month, and I do a clone in the middle of each month.

    Bottom line: decide want *you* need or want to do, and then see if the software you already have, or are looking at, meets your criteria.

  • David Roper

    I think that what I would like to see is different categories and then freebies announced “under” that category.
    i am currently looking for the best DVD ripper so I would love to see all the rippers there in one place – each rated 1 through 10.

    just saying…

  • What. freebie overload? NO WAY, I just installed a new 500GB hard drive to keep up with your great freebee’s Ashraf. I discovered your site through and have been here every day since then. Got a little worried when you weren’t on line for a while, I thought “oh great ,I find a good site and it disappears” but you came back.(good) your reviews are VERY helpful, straight up,no crap or trying to sell us the software just honesty. for that I thank you.
    The software you offer is mostly outstanding. some of it does go over my head some times but then I have the fun of learning how to use it. Your never to old to learn new tricks.
    Keep up the good work and try to sleep every now and then. That way you can keep your comments “sharp”. I find them humorous with a hint of sarcasm. very enjoyable and give me a good chuckle.

  • Basanta

    Hi Ashraf,
    Thanks,not bad for freebies.your question is meaning less.

  • @Gene Healy: I SO concur with this. I don’t bother with GOTD anymore until I’ve checked Ashraf’s unbiased opinion! I’m also an Open Source addict and would love to get Ashraf’s comparison of OS with freebies too (see #21 above). More work for Ashraf – sorry!

  • Anonymous

    “Now I am no psychologist or psychiatrist”

    Of course you’re not!! It’s nearly impossible anyways… not possible. :)

  • Ed

    Ashraf: I have a sense that comments are meaningless; the site should be a reflection of what you want to do and what you have as an objective. Not a single personal opinion ought to change an iota of what you do unless it has sparked a change within you. If you believe your “life” is best spent sitting in front of a computer, or outside smelling the roses, then your audience is just background noise and you ought to pursue what makes your life worthwhile. Best wishes,

  • Mags

    Okay, I admit it I’m a Freebie Junkie!

    There was a time when I used to download almost anything and paid the price (i.e. malware, spamware etc. and occasionally a virus) That was back in the mid 90’s.

    These days I’m more discriminating in what freebies I download and use.

    I appreciate Ashraf’s reviews, as well as those who comment both here and on GOTD as these help me to make an informed decision as to whether it will be useful to me or not, or whether the program is good or not.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Dan

    @Jim Van Damme:

    Jim, not sure if you know about this or not, but you might want to visit “Gizmo’s” at it is the kind of site you referred to in your post above.

    I hope Ashraf doesn’t mind me passing this on to I think what they have to offer..although apparently the in fact very different in the way they and this site approach the subject of reviews and articles in general.

    @ Ashraf: Obviously, if this post is in any way out of order, then please feel free to delete or edit it..whichever you deem fit.


  • Gene Healy


    I discovered DotTech because of your solid reviews of software being given away on GOTD. It is that kind of info that made dotTech stand out for me. I’d rather have one good review or comparison than be advised of 10 freebies. My personal opinion of course.

    In any case, thank you very much for all you do for us.

  • Michael Rainey

    I get more benefit from your in-depth reviews than from a ton of freebies that may not do anything for me.

  • SpudGie

    Hi Ashraf, glad to see you back on line. There are some freebies that I have gotten from this site that I use daily, thanks. But I think the free giveaway of shareware products serve two purposes: 1. If the software is great then you will continue to use it and 2: the software company that provides the apps gets a new customer who will likely purchase an upgrade.

    Anyway, glad to see you back, now on with the freebies!!!!

  • Kerry

    For those of us on a very small income this site is a Blessing and freebies are very well come. Thank You Ashraf!

  • It’s quality, not quantity. There are a LOT of freeware sites out there but precious few that carefully examine and rate apps for safety, useability and other “ilities”. Also, I used to get excited and hyperventilate about getting a free program and install every one, but after getting a new ‘puter or having to reinstall the OS, I discovered that I really didn’t need them all for some odd reason. And, after I mostly switched to that operating system I dare not name for fear of starting another flame war, I got used to just going to a repository and getting freeware installed (or uninstalled) with 1 click, so now I’m not so excited about registering somewhere in German to get something I’m not sure will be useful.

    I’d like to see a site that matches up the features you need with rated and evaluated software that does the job. Like, what can edit EXIF data on JPEGs? What’s the easiest thing to use if I just want to trim a MP4 movie? How can I auto-generate a calendar in HTML? Sometimes I don’t really know what you call the function I’m trying to do, so I don’t know how such a data base would be structured. Right now you just “surf” apps like you surf the web. You filter through the tons of stuff you don’t need and find the one you MIGHT need right now. I think that’s backwards; right NOW I need to do this ONE oddball task and need the app that does it for me. You go to most freeware sites, you get categorized apps that contain glowing descriptions written by their developers that don’t explain the shortcomings.

  • Jimmy

    I enjoy the freebies even though I do not always use them immediately they come in handy when needed. I look for the best between the freebie and freeware. Keep them coming, they are Appreciated Thanks.

  • jumbi

    haha, results so far are very funny!
    very few can say no to freebies, even if the time is limited :-)

    BTW, especially now before christmas there are so many freebies that its difficult to follow :-)

    Nevertheless, I thought to click on “Ashraf: Go outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get a life.”, because whoever wants freebies, is usually looking for them at a few or many sites.
    The real value and power of dottech are the reviews and tips articles.
    But because my time is limited also and I can’t surf around, I like very much to have at my favorite site the freebies section as well, so I voted 1st option :-)

  • Yes to Freebies, and I love and highly respect what you do and your opinions. However, I am very Open Source-minded, and always use an OS/Freeware alternative where available, provided it has the features I require. Is it possible or feasible for you to review and suggest OS alternatives too – perhaps in comparison to the giveaways? I, for one, would very much appreciate that service from you in addition.

  • Jerry

    Greetings Ashraf,

    I really missed your emails and advisory while you were on sabbatical but I did not realize how much I missed you nor the enormous impact you have on my computer usage until you returned like a tsunami!

    Please do not leave me again.



  • Dan


    Mayank, I agree with you on fact, it is was due to such an article by Ashraf that I ended up getting my own CO.CC site set up for free..which has proved very handy, as I already has a domain registered elsewhere and was paying for the hosting that comes with it..but I wanted to use a different name for something else.

    Ashraf recent article on the CO.CC service enabled me to basically end up with two “names” running from the one URL..the original one and the masked CO.CC one. Both appear as different sites to anyone visiting, depending on which URL they use..and few would even suspect there are two sites running from the same hosting totally free.

    SO, yeah, I agree with your point totally..and I hope Ashraf will continue to publish more such articles in future..which I’m sure he will.


  • Dan


    Obviously I hope you have a life..and I’m sure you must have..but I think what you are doing here is and always has been very relevant. I voted to keep ’em coming because, personally, I think freebies are akin to finding a real bargain in a sale: you know what you are getting is of value..and the fact it is free makes that value even greater!

    The only qualification I would make in regards to the offers you introduce is that you be more “particular” about the over-all nature of the offer being made. By this I mean I, for one, would like to see more “genuine” freebies, rather than programs being offered merely as a means to get us to upgrade to later versions. I know this is not really anything to do with you per say..after all, you are the middle-man in all of this..but it would be really great if they were REAL of value that usually sells for a price that were being offered to us for free, with no restrictions or promos attached.

    Even as I type this, I know what I am asking for is perhaps impossible, as the very reason for making such offers is so software companies can promote their products to a larger user-base..after all, they are in business..and every business needs to make money, otherwise it is more like a hobby than a promos are always going to there no matter what..

    Still, it would be nice to actually get something good with no strings or ads attached, if you know what I mean.

    By the way, view this reply as being something of a “wish-list” from me, rather than some sort of criticism, which it is not meant to be in any way at all. I sincerely hope you continue doing this for a long time to come, as reviews good sites like this are are far and few between With that said, I am more than happy to take the “crunchy with the smooth” in order to get that real gem of an offer..and besides, the reviews and articles more than make up for any crappy software that somehow sneaks in

    Thanks for everything and kudos for keeping this going for the last two years!


  • Mayank

    I Actually Love Freebies.
    But Only Freebies Would Not Help The Community Grow.
    Some Important Articles Are Important Too Such As The Recent Rumour About Windows 8 GUI Concept Named “Wind”.
    These Type Of Articles Should Also Be There.

  • Urban

    I really like freebees – comparing different softwares is a real joy -finding how one can combine several programs to get functions you can not get from one program only. I have ten different PDF programs for example that all are really useful in different cases. According to REVO Uninstaller I have 428 installations on my computer; it is possible that all these programs have slowed down the computer but I can’t say I noticed allthough I also use this machine for video rendering and working with large graphic files.
    So my answer is, please continue Sir (keep ’em coming brotha). Now and then go outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get a life.

  • Ashraf

    @Frank: Many people have asked me to review freebies. However, unless I have already reviewed the freebie in the past (in which case I will always provide a link to the review) I typically don’t review freebies and this is why:

    1) Many freebies posted on dotTech are time-sensitive. Reviews take a lot of time to write. By the time I would write a review on a freebie, the freebie may not be available anymore. In other words, reviews would cause a delay in posting about freebies.
    2) Reviews take time, so if I were to review all freebies I post about I would be posting about much less freebies. In other words, reviews would cause a decrease in frequency in freebies.

    Of course there is one more reason why I don’t formally review freebies: Reviews on freebies -> Less freebies being posted -> Less articles being written -> Less visits to dotTech. So, yes, there is also a selfish reason on my part.

    Because of all the above reasons, I prefer to simply post about freebies and rely on community feedback as to the value (or lack thereof) of a particular product. And so far this method is working out pretty well; I find it to be a nice balance between quality of articles and quantity of articles and dotTechies appreciate the freebies that they learn about.

    That said, though, there are always two things you can count on about freebies:

    1) The freebie is actually valid. We always check for validity before posting.
    2) The freebie is non-malicious. We always check to make sure freebie doesn’t contain any malware; to the best of our ability, of course.

    @Leslie: Have you considered satellite Internet? It is not the quickest but faster than dial-up (and a lot more expensive too).

  • Leslie

    To answer your question – Yes I am on overload with all of those Advent Calendar deals. What makes it worse is that I only have dialup – no broadband where I am. So a 20Mb download takes 2 hours. Normally not a problem but right now I am going 24/7 trying to grab some real good stuff.

    So yes, we all need a life but lets face it you’ve got grab this stuff while you can because one day it could all just stop.

  • Frank

    Hi Ashraf I missed you recently on GAOTD, welcome back

    It is nice of you to mention shareware freebee but I have noticed that in many cases you say that you did not test the software, so I ask myself why do you post it – is it to get traffic on your website (and the related possible income, which is obviously OK) or for some other reason…

    In my opinion, although I guess is much more work as it would mean testing every one, I would like you to post THE BEST be it freebee or freeware, ie only the ones that you would recommend for a specific function.

    Anyway THANKYOU and again Thankyou for all the reviews you have published.
    And of course, you shiould balance the keyboard use with the fresh air enjoyment … a laptop in the park….
    Cheers and thanks again


  • Ashraf

    @redmaledeer: Yeah reviews of freebies. That would be the day, right? Reviews always take longer to write than freebie articles, obviously, so there are at a less frequency. However, I hope they aren’t too infrequent for everyone… I do try to get out some sort of review at least every other day if not every day.

    @Leslie: Yeah I know about that. I meant no freebies from Paragon. :D

  • Leslie

    @Ashraf: Paragon are running a promotion on facebook. So far only discounts – nothing free.

  • redmaledeer

    I value your reviews more than just notices that freebies are available. And reviews of freebies — now that’s a double-barreled treat.

    Of course, anything you do is welcome and useful.

  • Ashraf

    @Neil Berman: The dirty little secret of the software industry: As different as developers may make their software sound, many software are actually similar in core functionality to their rivals. I mean, there is only so many ways to backup files.

    @Fred Smith: Honestly? There are only a handful of software that I post about and use. It is not that I think the software I post about are crap but rather I have no use for them. If people only got what I use, we would have many Ashrafs in the world. Which, depending on your point of view, may be a good or bad thing. =P

  • Fred Smith

    I agree with the Tej #1 comment, don’t waste your time on the also rans of the freebie world, just concentrate on the best of the best. And let us know if you will be using the software or if you would use it if you needed such software. We value your opinion. Thanks.

  • leonow

    The pleasure of receiving free usually payable program is similar to the joy of the angler who caugt a large fish

  • Neil Berman

    I like all the Freebies, but as has been discussed before, our computers are getting bloated with programs that kind of duplicate each other. I know there are subtle differences between many of them and it is hard to impose on Ashraf (or anyone else ) to provide a verdict of which program is the best for various purposes. For example, I have 6 back-up programs because they were all free and each one sounded like it did something the others didn’t do. But they take up space and the files they generate in their intended operation take up a LOT of space. ( Anybody have an opinion as to what to get rid of when I have Paragon, Ocster, Genie Timeline, GFI backup- Home edition, Double-Safety and Acronis. ) I know I don’t need them all and they are probably slowing my computer down. I did ask a similar question about a month ago, but that is when the dotTech site went down for a few days and I lost the responses. In short, it would be very useful to me and probably many others if someone could take on the task of categorizing products that do essentially the same thing. (I know that puts an awful burden on someone to undertake that responsibility, but that would be a great ongoing process.) Neil

  • Philippe

    Sorry Ashraf, I wanted to vote to give you a life. But I halted myself….what if really you do it. We will miss you.
    Maybe in the freebee’s email, a very short description of the software would be useful. Not all the freebees are useful for every body and not everyone has the time and patience to check each article. Thanks again

  • Sparky

    I agree with the time limited freebies being more desirable, a kind of “I don’t have to pay diddley squat, yipee!!!!”. Many of them if not all, I admit I would’ve downloaded and installed ‘cos it’s free innit? but would never have used. Thanks to your very informative reviews I’ve managed to restrain myself to just the essential/useful.
    So keep ’em coming brotha’ and open the window a crack.

  • Ashraf

    @Tej: Announce giveaway winners on time? Ha! That is likely never going to happen. =P

    @Robbie: Paragon, oddly, hasn’t run a promotion lately that I know of. It is these non-English websites running all the promotions right now.

  • Good question.

    I was a bit puzzled by the increase in freebies where you had to visit a Russian/German/similar site to complete the process. Frankly I didn’t trust the process which doesn’t make sense but it’s an honest reaction.

    I also thought why is he spending so much time and effort, when things like the Paragon freebie were overdue.

    Hey, you asked…

    Hope this is taken in the right spirit

    No disrespect to non-English based sites was intended.

  • Tej

    Review only the best freebies. And announce giveaway winners on time :-)