dotTech Promo: Free 1 year license of Returnil System Safe Pro 2011! [72-hours only]

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Returnil. Returnil, who? Returnil System Safe Pro 2011, that’s who!

Last year dotTech joined forces with Returnil to bring everyone 1 year license of Return Virtual System Home Lux 2010 for free. This year we are doing it again; except this time around it is with Returnil System Safe Pro 2011, the successor of Returnil Virtual System Home Lux 2010.

Before I go into the details of how to take advantage of this freebie, let me talk a little bit about Returnil products for the benefit of the very few that don’t know already. Returnil offers a unique security solution via their various different products; their software protects computers in an unorthodox – but effective – manner. They use a powerful combination of anti-virus, anti-malware, and a virtual system to protect your computer from all types of viruses and unwanted system changes. The traditional security software like avast!, Avira, AVG, Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, NOD32, etc. actively, and on demand, detect and remove infected files. Returnil products, on the other hand, use a two-pronged offensive against the malware problem:

  • Virtual System – Returnil products creates a “virtual copy” of your main system partition (the partition which you have Windows installed) and whatever changes are made to your computer are dumped when you restart your computer (there are opinions to tweak how it does that, but generally speaking, that is how it works).
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware – Returnil products also includes the traditional anti-virus/anti-malware live protection and on-demand scanning features.

Because of this two-pronged approach which incorporates traditional and innovative protection capabilities, if used properly, a user can keep his/her computer 100% clean with Returnil products. If you desire more detailed information, feel free to read dotTech’s full review on Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux.

You may notice I keep referring to “Returnil products”, as opposed to just Returnil System Safe Pro 2011. The reason for this is Returnil has different versions of its software – each having a different mix of features – depending on the type of user you are (both of the following charts created by Returnil):

Home Users

Business, Public Access & Education Users

As you can see from the chart, there is an always free version for home users, Returnil System Safe Free 2011. Returnil System Safe Pro 2011, on the other hand, would typically cost you almost $40… but for a limited time you can get it for free! These are the features of Returnil System Safe Pro 2011, as per the developer:

To get a 1 year license of Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version being given out for free: v3.2.10853.5462-REL7

Free updates: Yes, for one year

Supported OS: Windows XP and higher

Download size: 34.7 MB

Giveaway limitation: This freebie is for non-commercial use only.

Giveaway time-frame: This giveaway ends 24:00 PST December 19, 2010. After December 19, 2010 you will no longer be able to grab the 1 year license. Also note that while you should be able to activate the license whenever you want, the license has no shelf-life – it will expire on December 18, 2011 regardless of if you use it or not.

  • Fill out the the following form (note all data via the following form goes to Returnil, not dotTech):

NOTE: This promotion is available to everyone (for non-commercial use); however this is a promotion. Please do not directly link to the following form. Rather, if you want to share this offer with others, provide a permalink (alternatives link) to this article. Thanks!

[iframe 500px 780px]

  • Once you submit the form, you should be given a license code:

Copy the license code – you will need it soon.

  • Download and install Returnil System Safe 2011.
  • After installation, you will be asked to restart your computer; restart your computer.
  • After your computer has restarted, run Returnil System Safe 2011 and register it using the serial number you were given earlier:

Take note that if you don’t register it you will be using Returnil System Safe Free 2011, which is always available for free but doesn’t have as many features as Returnil System Safe Pro 2011.

  • Finish the initial setup.
  • After the initial setup has finished, look at the bottom left of Returnil System Safe’s main program window. If it says (registration request pending)…

… you need to wait a few minutes while Returnil’s registration servers recognize your registration. When your registration is recognized you will get a popup message telling you so and the bottom left corner should say Registered Pro version:

Once it says Registered version, you are good to go!

Take note, your initial registration may fail if you did not do it properly. (It took me two times to properly register.) If the bottom left corner says Free version that means your registration failed and you will not be able to use the Returnil System Safe Pro features. If this happens to you, click on Register and try to register the program again. Make sure you don’t include any spaces after the registration code and use the same name and e-mail address you used when filling out the registration form earlier.

  • Enjoy!
  • (Optional) As a way of thanking Returnil for this freebie, please provide them with feedback regarding their software in the comments below. Feedback can be anything including but not limited to bugs fixes, desired features, desired changes, ways to improve the program, input on the current price, etc.

If you have any trouble getting 1 year of Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

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  • qujiafeng

    very good

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  • Jyo

    @Error: Well, the promotion was already over; you’re probably running the trial version of the software.

    The html tags are for making letters bold or italicize, include links and many other things. It is a small sample of the coding behind websites, generally speaking.

  • Error

    Hi! I’ve just installed this and appears to have taken! Only I’m having a couple of problems with it. My CPU is maxed out at 100%, anyone else have the same problem. Also I’m getting a “Windows Product Activation” request every time I boot up? Apparently I’ve got three days to do it or perhaps my m/c will self-destruct? lol Would appreciate if anyone has had any similar problems or some insight into this?

    Also, out of curiosity, can anyone tell me how what the HTML tags and attributes mean at the bottom of the screen? Sorry, I don’t have a clue how to use these?


  • You may use these

  • liuwei


  • Francis

    @CC Chan

    What you have downloaded is Returnil Virtual System. Not Returnil System Safe.

  • coral sea


    all the serials are the same.
    it is one year too

  • deon supper


  • JCR1960

    I tried the free version on 2 PCs and thought it was a good software untill I realized it wipped out all my Windows restore points on both computers! (XP & 7). Won’t touch this crap with a 10 ft pole ever again!

  • Returnil_MikeW

    Hi all,
    Some commentary to clear some initial confusion:

    1. The RSS 2011 installer file is universal. This means that it can be licensed for unregistered free, free, and Pro versions. The features unlocked are dependent on the License itself.

    2. The server inspects the License Number you enter during the registration and then tells the client copy what to unlock and for how long. This means that at least one successful connection with the server must occur for the registration process to complete.

    3. The confirmation e-mail is just an acknowledgement of the process and is not part of the actual registration itself.

    4. The licenses available for the giveaway have not been altered except to correct the initial “switch” error noted and fixed previously.

    For those experiencing issues, please do the following:

    A. Attempt the installation more than once – if the first install fails, reinstall. This will address any potential damage and complete the process.

    B. If you still experience any issues, please see my previous post for the logs we need and send them to the listed e-mail address so we can look deeper into your situation. If for any reason the rvs3 logs are not available, a MSINFO32 report and your installation id (preferences > Advanced tab) will still be of interest for the QC team in the investigation.

    Returnil Support

  • kimotheraphy

    I installed and activated Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 successfully at 11.20pm 20 Dec 2010 Malaysian time. Upon installation, I pasted the new key provided by Ashraf and the activation didn’t “take.” I then rebooted as requested and performed the activation through the ‘upgrade” option. Received the message “registration request pending…” After a while a message popped up to say that Returnil was successfully activated. Thank you very much Ashraf.

  • Installed and registered for me as the Pro version just fine and seems to be running. For some reason the Virus module has not been installed and although it seems to update definitions there is no anti Virus module listed on the Landing Page of the GUI or elsewhere.

  • Zhi

    I can’t also, even trying the second key. Problem: Verification Box Disappered, but at the bottom left corner still says ” registration request pending “.

  • Roy

    Well …
    I stopped all other programs and turned off the firewalls, antivirus, anti-malware, whatever, and ran the installation again, but it turned off the computer a lot sooner.
    Not only that, it left half of installation in my computer that I can’t delete
    And I just got an email saying “Congratulations” that I registered a product, and it said to contact them if there was any problem … and it didn’t provide any address for me to send my reply to …
    To be honest, after all this aggravation, my impression of those people who made this “program” is not very good at all … and I still have to find a way to clean up my computer, and even that seems impossible!
    I guess in this season’s spirit, I should say … Bah Humbug! to them
    Thank you for responding and making an effort … thats only good thing I see so far, other than that this does work for many of you …
    Like I said earlier, “I might as well remove it from my system … … I guess I never will know what I missed”

  • Ashraf

    @Roy: Sorry I must have missed your comment. Hmm… have you tried installing as Administrator (if you are on Vista/Win7)? My best guess is something is blocking its installation or it is conflicting with other programs, maybe your firewall.

  • Roy

    I guess it is that bad, that I am now talking to myself …

    I guess you all are just as dumbfounded as I am about this problem …
    Tried it again a few times and same thing …

    And since there seems to be no answer … and time is almost up ….
    I might as well remove it from my system …

    No problem … I guess I never will know what I missed


  • Joan

    Ashraf, all I can say is I hope you get more than just good will and thanks for all your efforts. You’ve been terrific!

  • #65, Cindarella: No need. The Licence Key code is not unique; It seems to be the same in each and every case. ONE KEY FOR ALL!!

  • Barbudo

    @Ashraf: Thanks a lot, Ashraf! All functions unlocked after entering the code you supplied at #101. Returnil is a top class product.

    By the way, is there any chance for a Sandboxie giveaway any time in the near future? Guys at Widerssecurity recommend using Returnil and Sandboxie together despite the obvious overlaps in certain functions and application. These two combined and it borders on the impossible to get infected.

    Once again, thanks for Returnil (and your ever diligent efforts in general)!

  • Ashraf

    @aqua: What exactly is the problem you are facing, or the error you are getting?

  • aqua

    how can..i just enter the key and it didn’t work

  • Ashraf

    @aqua: If that is the case then the problem must be at your end. The key works fine for everyone else, including myself – sorry :-(

  • aqua

    that’s the same key i enter the first time..
    i’ll give it a try

  • Ashraf

    @Joan: Glad it works! Apparently what has caused this new issue is that the form was changed to a Ghacks giveaway (I guess Martin is running a Returnil giveaway too) and that new key is causing the problem.

  • Joan

    Thanks very, very much, Ashraf. I’m relieved and happy to report that the key you posted worked!!

  • Ashraf

    Okay I found the dotTech key. Anyone that is having problems – aqua, Joan, Barbudo, etc. – please use 30000F0001A000011S07BTJF1 to activate the program. As I said, I don’t typically do this – I don’t typically post keys – but the registration process is just having too many issues and the promotion deadline is about to end.

    Please don’t post the key anywhere else – we don’t have it to be pirated.

  • Ashraf

    @Johnd: You should be able to, yes.

    @Joan: Actually when I posted that the issues were fixed. These are new issues. It seems like Returnil changed the license code-midway during the giveaway and that is causing the problem, apparently because of a ghacks giveaway. At this point there have been so many issues I would have just given everyone that other key, but I didn’t save it :-(. We just need to wait until Returnil fixes the problem (again).

    @Barbudo: I have e-mailed them once again. They should be fixing it soon. Sorry for the frustrations :-(.

  • Barbudo

    Same problem as Joan describes. Reinstalled and reregistered many times. Only “Virtual Mode” becomes available (no Virus Guard, no File Manager, no System Restore etc), despite the “Registered Pro version” mark in the lower right corner. Oddly, under “Details” it always says that the “Owner” (of the current resiatration) is “ Giveaways”. Whenever I try to reregister with the dottech licence (that seems the be the same for everyone, i.e. N0000O0001H000011R15AVJQ0), I receive a message “License already assigned”. Very frustrating.

  • David.St


    Smashing :)

    @ Ashraf & Returnil Team : many thanks +++
    Have a nice day..

    @ Johnd : of course!

  • Joan

    Ashraf, at the top of this page there’s an “update” that claims that all issues have now been fixed. They have NOT been fixed. I tried yet again to register, and again I was unsuccessful. Apparently others are also still having problems. If Returnil said all issues are fixed, they’re…um…mistaken [I was tempted to say something much stronger :-( ].

  • Johnd

    Can you install and register after the promo (i.e in next Jan or Feb)?


  • beyonk


  • Roy

    I have tried to install this several times and it constantly turned off my computer when it is about 65-75 percent done … and I couldn’t get anywhere … had to do it over again when it all started up and try again, only to have it shut my computer down again. What is going on?

  • Joan

    Ashraf, I gather you have not heard back from Returnil. In my email this morning was a message from Returnil asking for product registration confirmation. I clicked on the link they provided, and that resulted in a web response saying “Thank you for confirming your registration. Your client product is now successfully activated.” But nothing had changed. My “client product” still claimed to be unregistered, and it still lacks some of the features Returnil is supposed to have. Moreover, when I right-clicked on the Returnil icon in my system tray, the last option listed was still “Upgrade to full version,” and there was no option to close Returnil. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Ashraf, clicking the download limk,
    “Download and install Returnil System Safe 2011”
    RETURNS: “Download Returnil System Safe free”, but one is looking for ‘Returnil System Safe Pro 2011’,
    NOT Returnil System Safe free, which is FREE anyway.
    Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 is on a direct-buy Download basis ONLY!
    Please clarify.

  • Victor

    Than You ! And a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

  • Tortuga

    Hi again

    Many MANY thanks for your prompt response :)
    You are always very kind & considerate.

    A bit relieved cause as always I thought *I* was doing something wrong … :(


  • Ashraf

    @Joan: You are welcome!

    @Tortuga: No, you are fine. I believe Returnil is giving everyone the same key.

  • Tortuga

    Dear Ash

    At 1h30 eastern time I submitted the form for a second license.
    As per the promo terms I am still within the time allowed – I think?
    But this 2° license code is the same as the first: N000XXXXXXHXXXX11RXXXXXX
    I thought each had an individual license for each PC.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    I have NOT yet installed on either PC.
    Will wait for confirmation.
    Many THANKS for everything

  • Joan

    Thanks VERY much! It’s 1 am here on the East Coast of the US and I’m about to turn off my computer for the night, but I will look for your response either here or via email in the morning.

  • Ashraf

    @Joan: I have e-mailed them about the issue. I will let you know when they respond.

  • Joan

    To add to the comment I posted above (#82), I right-clicked on the Returnil icon in my system tray, and I got a list of options, the first of which was Open Returnil System Safe 2011 and the last of which was Upgrade to Full Version. So that’s more evidence that I don’t have what I should. I clicked on Upgrade to Full Version, and for the umpteenth time I put in my license number from your offer and clicked on Activate. I again was told that the license was already assigned. Sigh.

  • Ashraf

    @Joan: It seems like Returnil changed the serial key they are giving out, which is weird. I will e-mail them about it.

  • Hema


  • Joan

    I took advantage of this offer. I downloaded and installed Returnil, following the directions. I have gone around and around trying to register. I keep registering, and I keep being told that the license has already been assigned. Apparently a license has been assigned, but 1) the expiration date is 11/26/2011 rather than 12/18/2011, as the offer promised. Also, I do not think I have the right version–I think what I have is the Free version, since I do not see all the sections that are shown in the illustrations. I don’t see Virus Guard and I don’t see System Restore. (I don’t WANT to use Virus Guard, but I’m worried that I don’t have the right version if it’s not included.) Also, at the bottom of the interface it says Unregistered Pro version and a link that says Register. I’ve clicked on that link several times, and each time I fill out the form, but all I’m told is that the license has already been assigned. I don’t know what else I should do and would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.

  • aqua

    also the download link says “Download Returnil System Safe free”
    34.6 mb file

  • aqua

    same error message “fail to register”

  • CC Chan

    thanks ashraf. i am sure downloading the right program because i download here.
    i try to send an email to the support team. i hope i can register before the deadline.

  • Ashraf

    @CC Chan: Hmmm, odd. Are you sure you are downloading the right program? Make sure to download it from the link I provided above.

    The best suggestion I have is send an e-mail to support [at] returnil [dot] com and see if they can help you out.

  • CC Chan


    I follow all registration steps, however, it always can’t register the license key.
    The license keys (3000XXXXXXXXXX & N000XXXXXXXXXXX) are used but failed.
    There are the messages ‘The license policy doesn’t allow the product version’ & ‘Unfortunately, registration failed’. Try many times already. how i can do???????

  • Ashraf

    @aqua and @CC Chan: What are the errors you two are getting?

  • CC Chan

    Ashraf I try ten times but still fail to register.
    How can I do for this problem? I really hope can register successfully.

  • aqua

    read at wilders that returnil had an update without antivirus.

  • aqua

    Ashraf i waited an hour..nothing happened.
    i enter 5 times the i just uninstalled it.

  • Ashraf

    @fishingjoe: Look at the bottom of this page below the comments section. You should have an option to manage your e-mail subscriptions.

    @Tex: It will; you should never run multiple live protections at once. I highly suggest you pick one program to run the live protection with. If you want to use the live protection of your other program, you can turn off Returnil’s live protection and use its virtual system which is still very, very useful.

    @Cindarella: Yeah, go right ahead.

    @aqua: Should only take a few minutes.

    @jSwann: Part of Returnil’s anti-malware protection involves an anti-malware signature database, just alike any other anti-malware program. As Mike said, while Returnil also uses its own technology for research and protection, Returnil leases the signature database from F-Prot. They need to pay licensing fees to F-Prot.

  • mukhi

    can’t express my gratitude more. i always use the virtual mode of the free version to go to a relatively unknown site (including p0rn, LOL) and to try a relatively unknown software (say, some freebies from dottech). just entered the license obtained here in free version and within couple of minutes, it registered to pro!

  • jSwann

    @Ashraf: What do you mean when you write : “(…)considering that Returnil has to pay licensing fees on the anti-malware/anti-spyware database they use” (#48)

  • aqua

    how long it takes to register to pro version?

  • weilin1234

    ????????? ????

  • fishingjoe

    How do I stop getting email on this

  • Thanks for the freebie!! I have never tried it out, now is my chance.

    Are we allowed to get more than one license if we have more than one computer?

  • FRank

    Dear Ashraf
    I know this is the wrong place to put my request, but I do not know otherwise

    I have a question I would like to ask you but I do not know how or where

    Would you consider a section of your site to be dedicated to questions visitor of your site may want to ask you (maybe one a month for each visitor)

    For example my question is:

    Does anybody know of a program (preferably free) that lists ONLY the directories (and preferably also the sub directories) showing the SIZE occupied on the HD by each one of them without listing the files contained in them.

    I have been looking for a long time for such a program without success, any help will be appreciated

    and apologies for the intrusion

    Thank you Ashraf for the excellent work

  • dimebar

    thank you for this. Getting a new laptop for crimbo so im gona use Returnil instead of the 1 month mcafee are offering for a £350 laptop : | anyway thanks again and have a good christmas all.

  • chen

    Returnil is very good!

  • mayize

    thank you

  • good

  • Tex

    Thanks. I hope the malware protection won’t interfere with our tier one AV programs.
    BTW, it thinks that JV16 Powertools is a virus. (Many here got that through this site.)….

    Y0u can simply click the exclude button to get it to ignore it.

    Every five or so minutes Returnil (rvsmon.exe) tries to connect to the internet. :-(

  • garfield

    Thank you!

  • chen


  • ioage2010

    Thank you!

  • Ashraf

    @aqua: Yes, you can turn off the live-protection anti-malware/anti-spyware.

    @Vi: You are welcome!

  • liwen


  • boy
  • Vi

    Thanks Ashraf!
    Really nice promotion.

  • aqua

    hey Ashraf you’re da man..thanks again for your great professionalism.
    i’ll may give this a try tomorow.just one question..can i deselect antivirus-antimalware and use the one i have..-just in case-?

  • xiaoz

    ok?I see?

  • @Ashraf:

    Hi Ashraf,
    True, and thank your for the clear explanation. One point to bring up here is the fact that only part of the Virus Guard is licensed. The other part is our own machine learning and Artificial Intelligence engine that provides Cloud based updates to both the Pro and Free versions based on the analysis of suspicious behavior and files submitted through the data collection policy of those users participating.

    Pro users get first priority at the server download queue for Cloud updates, but all are served in time and we work hard to make sure the wait is as short as possible in heavy traffic situations for the freeware users. The vast majority of the multiple daily updates delivered come from our own technology and research so subscriptions help resource more than just a simple licensing approach.


  • Ashraf

    @brenda78 and @Returnil_MikeW: It also should be pointed out that Returnil offers a freeware version for home users. Sure the freeware version may not have as many features as the paid version – that is the point of the freemium model – but it still has the main protection components of virtual system and anti-malware/anti-spyware. That is a lot more than most companies offer, especially considering that Returnil has to pay licensing fees on the anti-malware/anti-spyware database they use, which is included in their freeware version.

    While I am sure some people may disagree with me, but I appreciate the freemium model Returnil operates under.

    @chinaguy: No problem. Glad to hear it works now.

  • chinaguy

    @Ashraf: Thanks Ashraf. I knew it must be something like this because I was sure you hadn’t picked a bad apple. Mine has been fixed now as well. all the features seem to be working properly as they should now.

  • ted

    thanks Mike from returnil support with all the features running this is superb software it runs perfectly alongside my antivirus and firewall

    thanks Ashraf for this excellent giveaway and all the Returnil team also

  • @brenda78

    “Thank you for the offer but what happens after the one year expiration? ”

    Mike: The copy will revert to the free version when the license period has expired.

    “If Returnil was serious about giving some thing away they would give it with no strings attached.”

    Mike: We are serious about our solutions and mission to provide true, long-term security for our users and customers. Perpetual licensing in and of itself is a dead-end and leads to a myopic focus on revenue generation at the expense of development and product support. A subscription model ensures that we have the resources available to grow with our customer base and allows us to provide top-notch technical support into the future. With the one-time purchase and forever licensing approach, eventually the number of users outstrips the company’s resources and usually ends up with an abandoned or poorly supported product later in life. We are in this for the long haul and view product quality and support as top priorities for a successful future for both ourselves and our customer base.


    “…I must have done something wrong or it’s my laptop, have been trying to delete Returnil, Tried a lot of things, searched al over the net and Returnil is back again.”

    Mike: Is the Virtual Mode deactivated? To check, go to Virtual Mode > Virtual Mode always on section > Start Virtual Mode when I start Windows option. Make sure this is unchecked and then restart the computer. The Virtual Mode should now be released. If for any reason this does not release the virtualization, please open a support ticket where we can assist you further: support (dash) tech (at) returnil (dot) com and include the following files:

    The rvs3 and rvs3.inst files in the following folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\all users\application data\returnil\rvs3\log

    Note: though the path is formatted for Windows XP, it will also work in Vista and Win 7. Simply open a Windows Explorer Window and then copy/paste the path into the address bar and the LOG folder should open with the requested files. Also, please include a MSINFO32 report:

    MSINFO32 report (how to): Click START > RUN > Type MSINFO32. On the System Information screen click FILE > Export and then save the file where you can find it to attach to your e-mail.


  • Hi all,
    For those experiencing issues with the License not unlocking the premium features, all should be sorted now. Simply wait for a period of time or re-register your client copy and all should work as expected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.

    Returnil Support

  • Ashraf

    @Kiwidave: Just to clarify, these promotions just happen to be in December by chance. They have nothing to do with particular holidays like Christmas. Coincidence is all. :-)

  • Kiwidave

    @brenda78: Hey Brenda,next Christmas there will likely be another 12 month freebie.I’ve been using this since 2008 and never had to pay for it.

  • Kiwidave

    Thanx for this fantastic program……

  • ted

    the problem as been rectified on mine now after i emailed them it now says pro

  • brenda78

    Thank you for the offer but what happens after the one year expiration? I will stick with Wondershare Time Freeze I got from GAOTD. It was free too and it doesn’t expire. If Returnil was serious about giving some thing away they would give it with no strings attached. I know they have some AV installed. Most people already have AV on their system and disable the Returnil AV. Don’t get me wrong this is great software now… not so great next year

  • Ashraf

    @mizzRianne: I have installed’uninstalled’reinstalled Returnil multiple times in the past – I have had no problem. What exactly is your problem? I suggest you e-mail Returnil about it (support [at] returnil [dot] com) and see if they can pinpoint the issue.

  • mizzRianne

    Hello Asraf, I must have done something wrong or it’s my laptop, have been trying to delete Returnil, Tried a lot of things, searched al over the net and Returnil is back again.

    Can you please advise me how to delete this?

    Normally everything works fine, but this product not, well you can’t have it all.

    Awaiting your reply I hope.


  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Returnil e-mailed me back. Someone accidently flipped the wrong switch at their end. It has been fixed now. All Pro features work now. Anyone that has has already registered needs to reregister using the same serial code given earlier:

    1) Click on “Details” at the bottom left.
    2) Click on “I have a valid license number for this product”
    3) Enter the license code.
    4) Feel out step 2 (the bottom half – the name and e-mail)
    5) Hit “Register”
    6) Wait.
    7) Profit.

    Once again let me apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused!

  • redgreen

    Returnil pro registered on win7-64.

    Did all email registrations and confirmations.

    The last thing I did was to reguest upgrade and inputting registration code again in required field.

    Connection with server and shortly thereafter my pro versjon was registerd.

    Thank You !

    From red to green

  • David.St

    Congratulations for the return of this wonderful website!
    Last September “GOTD” had proposed this program (Product Version 3.2.10351.5418-REL3) . License “pro” & Expiration date : 30/03/2011.
    In your opinion, should I uninstall this version before installing this one today?
    I think I should do … But as you know, there is no technical support with GOTD softs….

    In recent years, I use this software (on XP or Vista) and I like it. It has become essential!
    Very few bugs.It’s close to genius ;)

    After reading the preceding comments, I still hesitate to uninstall the old version. I await your precious advice…

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Daryl

    Thank you for sharing! I too am a regular.

    Returnil – Win7 x64 – Features limitations are the same as with David. I too wrote Returnil (Topic = Problem) and am awaiting a reply.

    Everest – Downloaded and filled out for registration (successful) but never received registration. Checked spam (nothing) tried again and was refused a second email – already sent message.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I have already contacted Returnil about the Pro features not being activated and am awaiting a response from them. They are based in Europe so there is a response delay caused by the different timezones. Rest assured these issues will be solved. Please be patient. I will update when I hear from them.

    It isn’t fair to just blame Returnil. It is partly my mistake also; I should have made sure all the features are working before posting about this promotion.

  • Ashraf

    @blue: This is not a scam; Returnil is not trying to fool us. All the Pro features should be and will be working. Returnil are a very truthworthy company that has worked with dotTech before. This is a mistake/bug that will be fixed. I have already e-mailed them about and so have others. Please just be a little patient; they are based in Europe and it is night there; so they may be a little slow to reply. We have over two days to solve this issue – don’t worry. If needed, we can extend the giveaway.

  • TheGame

    I apologize for posting a second time, but I also noticed something interesting. Even though it says registered and when you click on details that the license is Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 -promo-dtotTech – 1-0365, if you start up the program and click on the status button on the left hand side of the program, it states:

    License Status

    Type: Free

    So we are having conflicts. Even though it says commercial at the top of the program and at the bottom says it is the registered version and on details it says it’s the Pro version, when you click on the status button it says License Type Free.

    Something is definitely amiss.

  • ted

    @Dudu Z:
    i noticed this i uninstalled and tried again with same result it says i have a registered version but you are not allowed all the operating features which pro version allows

  • blue

    If you look closely at the graphics on this site, you’ll see that Ashraf’s copy didn’t have the system restore option enabled either.

    Apparently, they’re just foolin’ when they claimed that this was the System Safe version.

    Personally, I find that reprehensible behavior on Returnil’s part and it is clear that they’re doing this only to entice upgrades, since the whole point of this software is the system restore function. I can’t blame them for not wanting to give away the store, but they shouldn’t lie to us.

    Returnil is on death-row on my system because of this fraud. I haven’t executed it yet, but I’m getting the gas chamber cranked up and am not likely to be taking any last-minute calls from the Governor (you probably have to be American to understand this analogy, come to think of it.).

    The LAST time I dealt with this company (the last promotion) it kept losing my registration and now this? Hard to believe that they thought lying to prospective customers was a good thing, isn’t it?

  • TheGame

    First off, thankyou dotTech for another great givaway.

    I am having the same issues as a lot of the other members. A lot of the program’s features prompt for license registration, even though it states in the program that it is registered. I did do a scan and it found malware, however when I click the “Repair” button, a pop-up window appears and states:

    “Thank you for using Returnil System Safe 2011!
    Please click on “Purchase Online” to obtain a new license or press “cancel” if you wish to continue using the commercial version”

    Then there is a box to enter a license number.

    I have registered the software correctly. In fact, I even registered with their company when prompted at installation and received an e-mail stating that it was registered.

    The E-mail stated the following:
    “Dear user,
    Thank you for registering your copy of Returnil System Safe 2011.”

    Then it prompted to follow a link which I did to confirm registration. After clicking the link I recieved the message :

    “Thank you for confirming your registration. Your client product is now successfully activated.”

    In the program itself it states it is the commercial version. When you go to the bottom left-hand corner of the start page of the program, it says registered then there is a link to details. After clicking on “details” it states:

    Status: Active
    Type: Field is blank
    License:Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 -promo-dtotTech – 1-0365
    Owner: Giveaway
    Expiration: 12/17/2011

    I even tried registering the program a second time to ensure I did it correctly, and I get the message:

    “Thank you for confirming your registration. Your client product is now successfully activated”

    So I am certain the program was registered correctly.

    I really hope someone can figure out what the issue is here. The program does us little good if it will not quarantine and remove malware/spyware that is finds and limits the use of it’s features. It seems more like a free version of the program.

  • blue

    @Vernon Grapes: It doesn’t seem to conflict with my Comcast version of Norton (essentially identical to Norton 360 v.4)

    As to the quality of its antivirus, I’ve seen only one review of Returnil’s AV here

    It performed on a par with Norton in their “reactive” test (I’m guessing signature based) and waaay below most other programs (about the bottom third). The “proactive” results (I’m guessing heuristics/cloud) were *much* better; placing it in about the top 25-30%.

    The Norton results were surprisingly low and disagreed with just about every other test. I suspect Norton was punished here for false positives.

    So, is it worth adding? While it doesn’t slow things down (at least for me) by much, it IS much more complicated than Sandboxie or the Avast/Kaspersky solution. In the past (and likely the future) I’ve preferred just keeping an uptodate disk image (from Paragon) and re-imaging rather than sandboxing things but I guess I’ll give this a try (again). Tried it once before and didn’t like it much; maybe they’ve changed or maybe I have.

  • fishingjoe

    both wont register (it shows free version) or that it registered but Pro features won’t work?

  • David Weaver

    Running win7 x64 and installed/registered. showing commercial, and file manager, real-time protection, and other features previously mentioned, are not working.

    I have already emailed Returnil. Waiting on an answer.

  • Ashraf

    @Aki: You are welcome!

    @Jimmy: You are welcome!

    @fishingjoe: Are you having problems that it wont register (it shows free version) or that it registered but Pro features won’t work?

    @Richard_90: You are welcome!

  • Richard_90

    Thank You very much for sharing this freebie. Will test this out and post feedback here.

  • Ashraf

    @Titanium: You are welcome!

    @grage: Thanks for the feedback!

    @Vernon Grapes: Yes it will work with NIS and no it will not prevent NIS from working properly. However, you need to make sure you do a couple of things inorder to make sure they work well together:

    1) Disable the live protection of Returnil System Safe Pro
    2) Make sure to update NIS (database/program) when Returnil System Pro Safe’s virtual system protection is not active. Otherwise, NIS updates will be lost.

    @Bosco: Thank you for being a regular. :-) If it helps, I have never had any issues with Returnil.

    @Dudu Z: You are welcome! This is weird, this should be the full Returnil System Safe Pro, with all the features; but you are right trying to use system restore/rollback is asking for registration. I am going to contact Returnil and find out what is up. I will update.

    @aqua: You are welcome!

    @drtank: You are welcome!

    @Victor: You welcome! Yes, you should be able to activate the license at a later date, but I will double-check with Returnil to make sure for you. Also, realize that the license will end 12/18/2011 regardless of when you activate it.

    @Skye-hook: Is it working for you?

    @Linu George: You are welcome!

    @one111: You are welcome!

    @Dudu Z: I am e-mailing Returnil about it; I will keep you updated.

    @chinaguy and @chinaguy: It sounds like you didn’t register it properly. I have updated the post with screenshots to show if you registered properly, please check those out.

    And I am e-mailing Returnil to see what is up with the features.

    @cyp: Hmm… okay?

  • fishingjoe

    @chinaguy: I have same problem,could it be with windows 7 64 bit

  • Jimmy

    Thank you Ashraf and Returnil for the promo
    I use the GOTD one in my virtual drive; I have not yet had any problems with it

  • Aki

    Thank you Ashraf for a great promotion.

  • cyp


  • chinaguy

    Also on the status overview page it says that the system restore is unavailable-upgrade, gives the option upgrade now after the product update date, and says the license type is free under the license status.
    @ ahsraf: could you check with the developer to see what is going on?

  • chinaguy

    @Dudu Z: The same issue happened with me where it says that this is the commercial version but several of the features that should be enabled in the pro version are not available. Including the system restore and file manager. Both features that are available in pro and from what ashraf says this should be the pro version. I don’t know if the developer just didn’t do what they said they were going to do or if those features need something else to turn them on or what. I would doubt that the developer would do something like that. Maybe those features will be turned on after the end of the giveaway? I don’t know but hopefully they will get this right. Those two features are the only reason I would get this software.

  • Dudu Z

    In addition to System restore not available, the Repair function doesn’t work .
    Scan detected 3 malware instances on my computer- when trying to repair, a “Request for Upgrade” window pops up.
    Is this a common issue or my registration somehow went wrong ?

  • one111

    Thanks , this is a gret program and adds alot to safe surfing

  • Linu George

    Once again a great software giveaway, thank you ashraf.

  • Skye-hook

    @Dudu Z: It has a year’s free updates, so try that. Since it registered OK, the updates should fix the problem. :)

  • Victor


    You’ve done it again and again with the new Freebie. Thanks Ashraf…..

    Just one question, can I just get the license and download the code for a later installation, i.e. next week? I understand the 72Hr is when you can obtain the license for this copy. But I might not have time to try the software itself until this weekend …

    Once again, thanks for the great work.

  • drtank

    Thanks for the gr8 promotion !!!!

  • aqua

    thnka for a great app. thanks Ashraf and DOTTECH.
    you guys always geting the best for us.

  • Dudu Z

    Thx for this giveaway !
    Seems that this promo version does not have all the features of Pro version- System restore is disabled and an upgrade is required to activate it.
    License status under the status screen shown as “Free”.
    The registration was completed- current registration info contains “promo dotTech”.

  • Bosco

    I love this site, it is my first stop of a morning before I read my email and while I am enjoying my first (of many) cups of coffee. Thank you Ashraf for all your hard work!

    I was really excited about this program–downloaded and ready to install but decided to first read the comments made when it (Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux) was last offered. Now I’m not so sure. It seems like a few people had some very serious with this program when it was last offered. Considering my level of PC knowledge, I’m afraid I’m going to have to sit this one out. :-(

  • Vernon Grapes

    Will this software work if I have Norton Internet Security installed on my computer? Will it keep NIS from working properly?

  • grage

    There should be an option for virtualization of whole drive not only the system partition.

  • Titanium

    Thank you for this program!
    I have not installed yet but I will tonight.
    I will give you reviews thereafter.
    Thank you!

  • Ashraf

    Anyone having trouble seeing the registration form should temporarily disable add-ons like NoScript and AdBlocker Plus – they may be blocking the form from appearing. If you don’t want to disable the add-ons, visit this page in a browser that you don’t have the add-ons installed in.

  • Ashraf

    Please keep in mind as per dotTech’s Conflict of Interest Policy, I won’t be providing advice related to Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 (such as “how good is it”, “is it worth the download”, “how does it compare to X program”, etc.) while this promotion is live. The review linked in the post above was written a long time prior to this promotion, so linking to it falls within the boundaries of the Conflict of Interest Policy.

    Any and all advice/reviews/suggestions on Returnil System Safe Pro 2011 should be done dotTechie-to-dotTechie; if you grab this software or have experience with it, please post here and let others know what you think! Not only will dotTechies benefit from feedback from dotTechies, but the developer will too. And the more value we add to developers, the more developers will come here to promote their software.

    I will, however, try to answer tech support related questions.

    Also, just to clarify, this promotion was originally intended for 48-hours. However, I asked to start it a bit early and Returnil agreed. Since we didn’t plan on starting it today, the post was not ready and I had to write it up; so the promotion was posted at an awkward 2:14 AM, which means the total promotion time will be more like 69 hours and 46 minutes instead of the 72 hours stated in the title.