dotTechie Sound-Off: What are your favorite tech websites?

We all have ’em: Favorite (tech) websites that we visit on a regular basis. It is always interesting being introduced to a new website, so I thought why not start a discussion among dotTechies to see what are our homes-away-from-home. So, if you would be so kind, please list your favorite/most visited tech websites in the comments below.

Of course since this is being posted on dotTech, I presume many of you will say “dotTech”; therefore, please list your top three. Please rank them as in the order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If dotTech is one of the top three, cool; if it is not, I will haunt you in your dreams that is fine too. If you don’t have three favorites ones, tell us about your two favorites or one favorite. If you have more than three and you want to share, go right ahead.

To get us started, here are my top three favorites:

  1. dotTech – Because the people here are awesome.
  2. Engadget – Pleasant web design coupled with interesting, to-the-point tech news makes it almost a daily visit for me.
  3. XDA-Developers – Only place on the ‘net for Android hacking and slashing.

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  • JonE – Gizmo’s Freeware (Gizmo Richards) I was visiting this site long before I knew about . . . . . . . – Ashraf – I spend way too much time between these first two. But I occasionally also visit . . . . . . . – Gizmo Richards also administrates and writes for this site. – I used to visit this site quite often, but no where as much as I used to. – and a few others I’m sure I’ve forgotten about. – I used to use FileForum to keep track of updates for the bulk of my downloads, but lately it seems as if FileForum is slowly eroding and they only keep track of certain programs. I still use it, but not as much as I use . . . . . . . – Softpedia has all the files FileForum has, or had, Plus files that FileForum never had and they do a much better job of keeping Softpedia updated with the most current software, and they notify me when a program is updated. FileForum still does too, but Softpedia wins hand down at the expediency in which this is done.

  • Aww man, I can’t believe I forgot about – I go there almost all the time! In fact I just downloaded the latest apps from there.

  • (How to fix stuff) (Tech news) (Tech news) (Tech news) (Tech news) (Tech news) (GFX atuff) (WIN7 stuff) (Patches) (Just stuff) (Software stuff and fixes) (stuff) (Computer stuff and GFX) (Security)

    Really nice sites ^^

    and many more…….

  • Sherry
  • Harry

    Aseem has such an amazing output -got to be on the list!

    Also Technibble is really great & Podnutz!

  • lol768

    The register
    PC Basics

    (in no particular order)

  • pedjam
  • jSwann00

    In alphabetical order :
    Bill Mullin’s Weblog
    Download Squad
    Freewares & Tutos (a french tech blog)
    gHacks Technology News

  • MicroLabrat

    1) LifeHacker
    2) DotTech
    3) Mydigitallife
    4) Gizmodo

  • Juno

    My favorite tech web list:
    Freebiest Forum

  • k das

    My fave tech websites:


  • Anil

    Few websites that are on my favorite toolbar..

    Ars Technica
    Infosync World
    Real World Technologies
    Toms Hardware
    Tracy and Matt’s Blog

  • I have many favorites and many of them have been mentioned (see my list below).

    1. Windows Secrets,
    2. Gizmos Freeware Reviews,
    3. MajorGeeks,
    4. Here,
    5. CyberNet News,
    6. Lifehacker,
    7. MakeUseOf,
    8. AddictiveTips,
    10. Life Rocks 2.0,

    I have many more but this is a good start on the regular sites I visit.

  • Troll

    I enjoy visiting How-To Geek, Gizmodo’s, ajuaonline, Softpedia and MajorGeeks. This blog, never heard of it before… Is it any good? :)

  • alhall

    All my favs have already been mentioned at least once.

    I did notice that more than a few of you mentioned Lifehacker and Gizmodo. You should be aware of the fact that their shared servers were hacked and the passwords and login info for both sites have been posted on the net. See this article from yesterday’s Windows Secrets for the full story. They also have a site set up that will tell you id any of your personal info has been released as a result of the hack:

  • Shades


    Giveaway of the Day

    How To Geek


    and one that no one has mentioned:

    Major Geeks

    That said… I have just opened about 60 new tabs, to investigate all the ones above that I haven’t checked out. Thanks to you all and have a wonderful holiday season.


  • Obajoshi

    1. dotTech – with my cup of coffee.
    2. lifehacker
    3. Cogizio

  • aguazales

    1.) Gizmo’s Free Tech Support Alert
    2.) DotTech
    3.) Windows Secrets

  • greenlantern71

    Actually I need to add something to my “list”.

    I just subscribe to their email alias, and they send article links. Found a few gems through it.

  • Jim Carter

    Freeware Genius
    Techsupportalert (Gizmo’s Freeware)

  • greenlantern71

    You mean there’s something else out there besides dotTech????? (^_^)

    Honestly, other than dotTech I don’t make time to look at anything else, but will at least check out some of the places folks have mentioned here.

    Thanks Ashraf!

  • David Roper

    Gizmo’s Freeware

    I’m just saying…

  • Donald Bowker

    like most of you I go to dottech daily. However I find that i enjoy the windowsclub site as well.

  • Michael Johnson

    dotTech, how to geek,ask bob, windows secrets and

  • Bruce Fraser — mainly for Fred Langa’s column. When he was on his own, his material was simply the very best out there, period. He seems to have mellowed since coming back from retirement. No more full-length detailed articles. – excellent for comparative reviews of free software.

  • IndoMK

    Mm, in no particular order…

    Freeware Genius
    How To Geek

    I roam others, but not on a very regular basis. Freeware Genius has saved my hide so many times, by having mentioned just the right piece of software that I’d been spending hours searching for with only a vague idea of what I wanted.

  • For me, there are only two Tech Blogs I ever regularly visit: dotTech, and Technically – and actually, the latter just had a small overhaul and is a lot better now.

    I used to visit Lifehacker, but I grew dissatisfied with them. They rarely seem to have anything really “new” on the site – a lot of the stuff they talk about is common knowledge in circles I’ve been in – and the site also feels slightly cluttered. Plus I take issue with the tone of some of the articles – if you ask me, some articles feel like they’re trying to take a jab at their readers at their expense, and while it may only be in jest, it still doesn’t seem very nice.

  • Adrian

    1. Dottech :-)
    2. Gizmo’s Freeware
    3. Lifehacker
    4. Bill Mullin’s Weblog

  • Carl

    This is one of the best. – oh and dottech.

  • waynos

    My favourites are already listed but I would add,,,, mactipsandtricks. This was a good idea Ashraf. Wishing every one a happy Christmas

  • Refpeuk

    My fave tech websites:


  • Karl

    dotTech (obviously)

  • Nearly all websites have been mentioned. These are all the best for tech apps and probably the best one out of these is Dottech as there are many techies to support here…

    and i found this one while surfing and found it intersting

    Some cool free softwares i found here

    These are some of the websites and blogs i prefer for tech….

  • Luis
  • Phil

    Windows Secrets

    Thanks for all you do for us Ashraf and team, Merry Christmas all.

  • nacht

    1) dotTech
    2) Howtogeek

  • Curt@dk’s forum, of course ;-)

  • Rob.C

    #3 is the first stop of the day.

  • miky

    weird that nobody mentioned : – it’s probably the best team’s computer blog ever…

  • hipockets

    Since I rely on dottech’s newsletter to see if I need to visit dottech, my other favorites are

    1. – the very best all-around website for computer techies
    5., depending on what is in their newsletter.

  • Neil Berman

    My favorite is dotTech because I can exchange views and ask questions of techies on the various forums. They have been very useful to me.

    My 2nd favorite site is Giveaway of the Day. (I try to visit it daily — keeps my computer bloated!)

    Another interesting site is INFOPACKETS,
    They are more “tech-news” oriented and also offer freebie software and games of the day. You can request them to email their newsletter to you 1,3 or 5 times a week.

  • DOTTECH covers it all and is my first preference
    There are some blogs which i prefer also

    Some good freebies


  • JohnD

    I have different favorites for different types of “tech”:

    software: DotTech, Reymond CC, Windows Secrets which I subscribe to but rarely visit the web site.
    hardware: Anandtech, Toms Hardware
    news: Computerworld, ZDNet

    Also for hardware I like to look at users reviews on Newegg and Amazon as they have a “verified buyer” label so you can avoid the spew from the manufacturers touting their own products.

    edit: after reading #13, I would like to add that Filehippo is my home page :)

  • Dan

    Just two and they both share the same spot, as both are great in their own right, but approach things a little differently than the other. They are this one here.., as well as Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews..

    Again, I like them both for different reasons and both are the best in what they do.

    Thanks to all concerned.


  • RobAC

    Too many to list- in no particular order:

    1.) File Hippo:
    2.) Tom’s Hardware Guide:
    3.) Ars Technica:
    4.) Digital Trends:
    5.) Life Hacker:
    6.) HacknMod:

  • Blackbird

    Numbers One,… Two,… and Three… In no particular order:

    1. Gizmos Freeware Reviews,

    2. Windows Secrets,

    3. Here,

  • Alalata

    1) dotTech
    3) Gizmo
    4) My Digital Life

  • Most of the above, I will add mintywhite.

  • jim van damme

    All the above, plus Slashdot, Wired, ZDNet, C|Net

  • Victor

    What the heck you’re talking about ?

    This site is it …. why u want to ask ??

  • Jyo

    1) dotTech
    2) Lifehacker
    3) Gizmodo
    5) Ghacks
    6) Tinkernut

  • Casey

    1) dotTech (big surprise)
    2)Cogizio (my source for Ubuntu help)
    3)PCBasics (a lot of freebies)
    4)Ghacks (all kinds of stuff)

    If GOTD counts, that is definitely up there.

  • Brian

    Three best websites in order of preference
    (1) dottech
    (2) Windows Secrets
    (3) Lifehacker

  • Tom Pippin

    #1- dotTech
    #2-Make Tech Easier
    #3-The Windows Club
    #4-Tweaking With Vishal

    All favs have great info that I use or a salution to a problem I have.

  • Mark

    Daily Rotation covers them all!

  • Locutus

    1. dotTech
    2. Cogizio
    3. Lifehacker

    What, surprised Cogizio isn’t first? :)

  • a simple happy man

    Only one fav and this is it

    all the rest and there’s plenty of them come in second all together