Free IObit Game Booster Premium! [This week only!]

Please note that until Game Booster v2.3 is released you will need to re-enter the registration code after exiting Game Booster.  v2.3 should be released this week.

Software Description

Game Booster Premium is developed by IObit. Says their website:

Game Booster Premium is capable of delivering the best gaming experience to you even if you have an old PC. One-click to boost PC performance is not enough, Game Booster Premium also allows you to tweak your system for top PC performance. By temporarily shutting background processes and unnecessary Windows services, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance, Game Booster Premium concentrates every little system resource for gaming only.

Game Booster Premium is compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software.

  • Play Games Lag-free:
    Using IObit’s latest “Enhanced 3rd parties’ services detection” technology, Game Booster Premium can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services, thus more system resources after release will be dedicated to responsive game playing and smooth image displaying. What’s more, after tweaking system settings, you PC can run at it top performance, so is your game.
  • Fast Game Launching and Response:
    Game Defrag is another technology in Game Booster Premium that makes game launching faster and game playing more responsive. After defragging the game folder, the game files will be perfected allocated on your disk to allow quickest access and read, so again you are gaming faster!
  • Keep Your Hardware Drivers Up-to-Date:
    PC gamers know how important to install new drivers for modern PC games. Game Booster Premium keeps every game’s specialized drivers up-to-date, including drivers for video/sound cards.

dotTech Advice

Although never reviewed by Ashraf, Game Booster has been featured on dotTech before by guest author Kinetix.  The conclusion reached was that Game Booster worked well:

All in all, I believe it to be a very useful program, especially if you have Vista (or XP) as your Operating System and less than satisfactory equipment in your computer rig. Even if your computer is up to snuff, sometimes games are just too much to handle. For example, I have The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on my computer, and I love loading it up with dozens upon dozens of mods. After a while, this can start slowing down the game a bit (especially on Vista). I searched around and found Game Booster, and most of that extra lag caused by the mods went away.

Giveaway Information

Version being given out for free: v2.2

Free updates: unknown

Supported OS: Windows XP+

Download size: 6.6MB

Giveaway time frame: February 21st-27th

With a Facebook account

If you do have a Facebook account, you can simply Share

…and click the shared link.  Then just enter the number from the giveaway page!

Without a Facebook account

Although it is a requirement of the giveaway, some people don’t want to have Facebook accounts.  Luckily, there is a workaround for those people.

First, click the Share button on the giveaway page.  You can close the login window.  Then, right click the giveaway page and click either View Source (Internet Explorer) or View Page Source (Firefox).

Look for the line that says  Copy everything from the to the end quotation mark.

Open a new tab and paste that URL in.

Go back to the first tab and copy and paste the code in.


When you’ve successfully gotten a license, just install Game Booster like normal.  Open up the main window by right clicking on the system tray icon and selecting Open Window.

Click the Upgrade button in the bottom left corner.

When you click Activate Now, your product will be automatically registered.

[Via IObit Press letter]

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  • jonny

    adminya masih ada tidak ??

  • Hi all!
    I have d/l-ed (downloaded) the FREE version of the Game Booster 2.3 NOTHING COMPARES! GameFire? No way! GameHike? No way man. GameBoost? Tried it once, and decided to uninstall it. No thanks.

    Re this Giveaway for the full version? Just bumped into it NOW…….seems to be complicated to do it. Better save money, and buy the full version.

    Thanks Iobit.

  • Mr.Dave

    Version 2.3 is now on the IObit site at:

    I clicked in “Click here to free download” and got the free 2.3 version – turns into Premium with correct licenses code. This file is NOT the same length as the one from (from Graybeard47’s comment above on 2/25), though both say v2.3. I didn’t try the TechSpot file, which was slightly larger.

    I downloaded and installed without removing the older 2.2 version. No installation issues (had to clear a bunch of checkboxes). When the program ran, the title said “Game Booster Premium v 2.3”, and clicking on “Premium” opened a license box that showed the code I received from the maze of steps at the top of this page (I already entered it before when installing v 2.2). Says it will expire 2/18/2012.
    Registration info, Premium status, etc., survived exiting and restarting.

  • Az

    FYI, I had an older install of GameBooster, version 2.0. The key received successfully registered and stayed as such through multiple restarts. I couldn’t find a link this older build but it might be an option for those still having issues.

  • Josh

    @IObit: Succesfully ended? Are you sure that you are on the correct page? If so, please don’t be so arrogant to think that other people are fools. It was a mess and your comment only harms your image even more. If you consider this successful, I would hate to see you make a mistake. Why not do the right thing? – appologize and offer it again, but this time make sure it is done properly and without all the complications and mistakes. That way you would be able to redeem yourself without employing this type of hype tripe.

  • Hello All,

    Thanks for your join in and support to IObit Game Booster2.0 Premium giveaway. Now the giveaway has been successfully ended. We appreciate your ideas.

    Best Regards

  • Dianne

    @eq5150: Thanks so much for your help. Mine is working fine now.

  • Josh

    What a mess! IObit really shot themselves in the foot with this one. Hope they learn from it and keep it simple next time.

  • Claudio Senna

    Try this 2 Free (Really)


    Game Fire

  • Greg

    The 2.3 release registers with a license that expires in a year. Who knows what they are doing at this point, but for now expect this to be a one year freebie.

  • graybeard47

    This will not help on all the issues going on with this giveaway, but the following web page has the 2.3 updated version. I could not find it on the Iobit web page.

    I did not uninstall version 2.2 nor enter the key code again, installing 2.3 right out of the gate. To my amazement when I clicked on the Game Booster Icon, it opened as the “Premium ” and showing 2.3.

  • eq5150

    I think that social networking sites are silly, pretentious, a waste of time and potentially dangerous, however, I did create a fake facebook page with some graphic as my photo just for silly contests like this.
    (just like using

    What irks me about this is they seem to be pretending nothing is wrong. There is still no mention of the two problems on the promo page.
    1) Some people simply can’t get a code to generate.
    2) Once you enter your license, the upgrade fails.

    We were told here that a fix would be coming soon but there is no official webpage that’s recognizing the issue….where we can check the status of the fix. This is the closest thing I can find:!/iobitsoft/posts/148349551892388

  • Greg

    They lose nothing, because that’s exactly what they make when you pay nothing. On Facebook you advertise for them and get a product for compensation. However they would be glad to sell you this software and make money without you having to use Facebook.

  • Doug

    It is ridiculous that software giveaways are based on social network web sites. There are many people out there who just do not use Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc. Yet, more and more software companies do these giveaways solely through social networking sites.

    I understand why these sites are used. They are becoming more and more popular. But, software companies need to consider, there are those of us that just do not use them (and to be so blind to us, means our $$$$ will be lost to you).

  • Poorman

    This is the most bassackward thing I ever tried to do. You would think a company promoting technology advancement would make it easier to obtain the “giveaway” rather than this clusterfack of ways. Hell, just get my email and send me the codes and a link for the download. Simple, easy, non-contrived, approach. Why try so hard to complicate something that should be simple?

  • @Locutus: you can still get the original windows movie maker for vista and windows 7!

    go here:


  • eq5150

    I was able to obtain a key using a different computer. There appears to be an issue with some Operating System or browser version and obtaining they key.

    @Dianne, go here to download the free version:
    Then, you click the yellow upgrade button on the bottom left and enter your key.

    The problem is, even though it will say it’s been successfully upgraded, it won’t be. Let’s hope IObit comes up with a fix for this quickly. I have been advertising this promo on facebook for over a week and have wasted several hours trying to get the key and upgrading it.

    I wish there was a link provided that I could visit to check the status of the fix.
    There is nothing on their site, the promo page or their Facebook Fan Page. Just the comment here (above.)

  • Dianne

    The instructions for not using facebook were fine, I got my code. But, when I went to download the program it kept taking me to the softonic site and asking me for a UID and PW. What’s up with that?
    Don’t know what to do now???

  • Ed

    do we know if the serial will allow us to update beyond 2.3?

  • eq5150

    I have the same problem that Zapped Sparky is having:
    I never see a place to enter the code
    “I’ve done the above both without facebook account and with, just takes me back to the 3 steps page.”

    If everyone is getting the same key, could someone just share it?

  • Jimmy

    Thank for the share, although I have a premium for v.2.1, a second serial is always good to have.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for the inconveniece. Yes we have been notified with the license issue, unfortunately it is a bug in the current version. Good news is that this bug is to be fixed very soon in the release of Game Booster v 2.3. SO DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR LICENSE CODE!

    For anyone who doesn’t know the download URL, (it is fixed in the promotion page)

  • deafy

    I’m not sure what happened.

    I have the registration code, but no program to install!

    Where and how do I get the download?

  • @Zapped Sparky: Ahh, don’t worry–I’m sure it’ll all be sorted out by the 27th.

  • Zapped Sparky

    Uh oh, I having the same “reverts to free version” as everyone else, hehehehehe.

  • @Claudio Senna: No, it’s not a joke. It appears to be a bug on someone’s part–whether they haven’t started the giveaway yet (it isn’t time yet in a quarter the world) or what I don’t know, but I’ve contacted IObit.

  • Claudio Senna

    After enter code & register if close the program this turn unregistered again try many times, this a joke ???

  • Zapped Sparky

    @Locutus Followed the instructions in the vid and it worked. No idea what I was doing wrong before or why it didn’t work. Cheers.

  • Tad

    Locutus, thank you very much for the help! i went back to facebook and re’liked’ and re’shared’. it finally gave me the Unique ID and from there i got the code.
    i did watch your video and it is well done. it should help others who had the same problem as i.
    good job! thanks, again!

  • @Lilangel: I actually have no idea. It may just be that IObit released the system prematurely (it’s still the 20th in a lot of the world) and is just waiting for the giveaway to actually start before permanently allowing the code.

  • Lilangel

    Thanks, i’ve not faceboof account and this tip is very usefull. I confirm, it’s the same key for everybody ;o) Best regards

  • @Tad: Here’s a link to the video I made:
    I did my best to hide the codes I received.

  • Ed

    Every time I open Game Booster I have to re-enter the code or it will be the free edition. This is annoying as it is, but what happens when the offer is no longer valid? Will I be unable to use gamebooster as premium?

  • @Tad: @Zapped Sparky: Interesting. I’ll take a video of the steps for the non-account method.
    Also, I want to destroy Windows Live Movie Maker.

  • Tad do i get the code?? thanks!

  • rob

    same as Kevin, how can we fix this problem

  • Kevin

    Hmm..whenever I close the program and open it again, it turns into the normal free version again. Anyone else getting the problem? I even looked at my license.dat file and made sure it changed after I put in my license.

  • @Kevin: Yes, I did. ;-)

  • Kevin

    I think it is the same code for everyone. Did everyone get

  • Tad

    same here! i thought it was just me not knowing the ID.

  • Tad

    where do i get the ‘unique ID’? yes, i went thru facebook, yes, i shared, yes, i got the link for the free download, but at the bottom where it asks for a unique ID, i have no idea where that is! lol
    thanks for anyone’s help!

  • Zapped Sparky

    I’ve done the above both without facebook account and with, just takes me back to the 3 steps page.

  • megaman

    Thanks, this is wonderful.
    I love the program, but dreaded when it went into pay-for-full-use.