Linux guru Linus Torvalds gives Nvidia the middle finger for not supporting Linux

Linus Torvalds has often been known for his ‘openness’. In a forum hosted by Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship in Otaniemi, Finland on June 14, he shared his thoughts on Nvidia (again).

When asked by a woman about the lack of support from Nvidia for Linux systems, Linus Torvalds expressed his hate for Nvidia, which is one of the largest suppliers of computer chips (largely graphics chips but lately been venturing into processors, too, thanks to Android) in the world.

The woman asked:

“I was expecting that Nvidia would kind of chip in and do something…[but] they said flat out ‘no’ they’re not doing any support. What’s your comments on this?”

Though Torvalds started off normally, in a sad note, he didn’t forget to show his contempt for the California-based company, Nvidia.

“Nvidia has been one of the worst trouble spots we’ve had with hardware manufacturers. And that’s really sad because Nvidia tries to sell chips, a lot of chips into the Android market. And Nvidia has been the single worst company we’ve every dealt with,” he said.

And he added, “So, Nvidia, f*** you”.

He also gestured the word with his middle-finger. Tune to 48:13 of the full length video of the discussion below, to see the whole action for yourself.

Nvidia, as most of us know, has been producing chips for hundreds of thousands of Linux based devices, Android being the main recipient. So, it is up to us, the consumers, to decide whether what Torvalds said is something which needs to be applauded and needs real thought from Nvidia; or whether what Torvalds was blowing steam. It is also worth mentioning Torvalds may be talking in reference to Nvidia support (or lack thereof) for Linux on traditional computers (i.e. laptops and desktops) as opposed to Nvidia support for Linux-based mobile devices (i.e. Android); and, as CNET states, Nvidia has no obligations to support Linux if they feel it is not worth devoting the resources to.

How do you find this to be? Good? Exciting? Interesting? Bad? Share your feelings with us in the comments below.

[via CNET]

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