Facebook acquires Face.com, a facial recognition service

In another move to strengthen in its stance in the social networking field, Facebook acquired a facial recognition service, Face.com. The acquisition is somewhat of a harmonious one for Facebook since Face.com already has two useful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) integrated with Facebook. The first API, Photo Finder, enables users to detect untagged photos of themselves and their friends in Facebook. Another API, Photo Tagger, is a bulk-tagging tool for photos in Facebook.

The image above shows an example of a Face.com API. The API automatically identifies faces and makes it easier for the user to tag photos.

Facebook said¬† the acquisition will further help in integrating one of the most intensively used APIs completely into the social networking giant’s services. Facebook will also be supporting the developer community of Face.com. Further details of the deal between Facebook and Face.com has not yet been disclosed, such as price of the purchase. Whatever the case may be, the integration is expected to make tagging easier for Facebook users.

Facebook has recently been in an acquiring mode, buying Instagram for $1 billion (a price that was a surprise to many), social-discovery service Glancee, and a social-gifting company Karma. Face.com is just another sheep in the flock. All that IPO money is being put to use.

[via CNET]

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