Free ZoneAlarm Pro

On Tuesday, Nov. 18 2008, Check Point Software will offer the ZoneAlarm Pro software package for free for 24 hours, in celebration of Check Point’s 15th anniversary, a company spokeswoman said Friday.ZoneAlarm Pro, which contains a firewall, antispyware, and ID protection service (including credit monitoring) normally costs $39.95. The download location for the free ZoneAlarm Pro package will go live at 6 AM PDT on Tuesday morning.

The free offer includes a one year’s subscription. Check Point charges the price of the software ($39.95) for a year’s subscription.

“This is in celebration of Check Point celebrating its 15th anniversary when it created Firewall-1 for the enterprise,” the Check Point representative said.

In honor of the birthday celebration, customers will be able to access additional details at Check Point’s Innovation Store, including a 50-percent deal on the Aerovation Checkpoint Friendly laptop bag.

Source: PCMagazine

Ladies and gentlemen, I highly recommend that you jump onto this opportunity while you can. ZomeAlarn Pro is an amazing piece of security software. Just note, this is does not have antivirus. If you want antivirus, for free, you have three options:

Avira (antivirus + antirootkit)
Avast (antivirus + antispyware + antirootkit)
AVG (antivirus + antispyware)

All three of these antivirus software are very dependable – they offer excellent protection. But out of all three of these, Avira > Avast > AVG. Note: the free antivirus are only for home/personal use.

Get ZoneAlarm Pro, Avira, and be happy =).

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