Customers mistook Samsung tablets for iPads, says Best Buy [Apple vs Samsung]

In Apple vs Samsung court documents unearthed by AllThingsD, it has been revealed that Best Buy, a major electronic retailer in the United States, told Samsung that customers were returning Samsung’s tablets because they mistakenly thought they were iPads.

Samsung is being forced by the judge to furnish a bunch of internal documents, as per Apple‘s request. We already discussed how some internal documents show Google and others warned Samsung of similarities between its products and those of Apple’s. Other internal documents have Samsung’s employees discussing the similarities between the products. More interestingly, however, are the documents of communications between Best Buy and Samsung.

According to the documents, Best Buy told Samsung a number of times that customers are returning Samsung tablets because at purchase they mistook the tabs for the iPad. Of course it could be said examples of people who are stupid enough to mistake a tablet that prominently displays the Samsung logo on its box and the tablet itself for an iPad shouldn’t be held against Samsung in court. However, if the evidence is allowed in court — and trust me Samsung is trying its very best to disqualify it — it could prove to be even more damaging then warnings by Google et al because this shows the story from the consumer’s point of view which directly relates to potential loss revenue or reputation of Apple and its products.

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